Bosses from the Code Vein called the harder bosses from Dark Souls

Боссов из Code Vein назвали сложнее боссов из Dark Souls

The Network was thrown out fairly detailed material on Code Vein from a journalist having a pre-release copy, which, apparently, could not resist.

So, characters will have three types of attacks: light, heavy and special vampire, which each class will be unique. In addition to melee weapons, some characters will be able to fire muskets, pistols and crossbows. Of course, there will be rifts along with the ability to block attacks.

The game, like bosses, called more sluggish than in Dark Souls, and ordinary bots easier, but bosses, in the opinion of the journalist much more difficult than in Dark Souls. Their clumsiness they compensate for all sorts of stunts with telepati and partial invulnerability. And in the end Code Vein was called a “slow-drawling Bloodborne co-op mode”. But without a living partner, as it turned out, you can still count on the company of the companion-bot, whose help will be invaluable.

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