Successor iPhone X can go this year with OLED-screen diagonal of 6.5 inches

 Преемник iPhone X может выйти в этом году с OLED-экраном диагональю 6.5 дюйма Taiwanese insiders have published a lot of unofficial information on Apple’s plans to release a new iPhone this year. And although it’s not exactly but it sounds promising — copertina can imagine three or four devices in different price categories and with different screen sizes.

Journalists portal Digitimes indicate that in 2018, Apple will launch the successor to the current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and will also be a new device with a diagonal of 6.4-inch. It is expected to release the successor to iPhone SE.

It is noteworthy that this will be the device with the highest identical functionality. Apple engineers are developing four projects, first you can call the device with LCD-screen diagonal of 5.7″-5.8″, the second — also with LCD-screen and a diagonal 6.0″-6.1″.

The third device will be a higher level with an OLED screen and a screen size of between 6 and 6.1 inches. The flagship will be the iPhone with OLED screen sizes from 6.4″ to 6.5″. Apparently, we will see that the successors of the 8th generation iPhone will have different quality screens that will affect the price.

Successor iPhone X may or may not appear — Apple has seriously reduced the plans to release the first models after users discovered defects. Soon its production will cease. But we can expect the release of an improved model and then it will be a device with maximum screen size from 6.4″ to 6.5″.

If a device with a diagonal of 5.7″-5.8″ will be the successor to iPhone SE, that he doesn’t get the Face ID feature and not be able to use 3D Touch. This feature is the prerogative of the older models. All four of the smartphone will support a proprietary fast wireless charging.

It is worth Recalling that before the announcement of the new line of iPhones, there is still 8 months, so things may change.

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