Google plans to make augmented reality a part of all mobile devices

 Google планирует сделать дополненную реальность частью всех мобильных устройств Google in his blog announced the plans to transform augmented reality from the rare and wild technologies in an integral part of all mobile devices, and without any applications.

The owners of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was able to appreciate the multiple functions of augmented reality by using functionality built into the app Google Camera. Now, however, declared that the Corporation wants to provide this experience for mobile devices running Android and iOS.

However, integration between the real world and complementary part of the program will be implemented with the help of online and web technologies, and not through the camera app. Google now just investigating the question of compatibility of the web browser Chrome and augmented reality technologies, and if their searches are successful, then everyone will have access to new features.

More with the technical part of the process, as it is now represented by the specialists of Google, can be found in the company blog. We will limit ourselves to exposure.

Google offers to provide informational articles three-dimensional models that will work for all browsers. The device is not difficult to download it in memory and put the model to any location in space. After loading the model in the browser will be a special AR-the button that activates the external camera and ratline space in front of the user.

Thus it will be possible to put the model in any available space around the user. Immediately after that, the model is rendered according to the physical size. You can move the phone or tablet while standing in front of the object and examine it in detail, as well as to understand the size.

Stated that users will be able to drag an object of augmented reality and function like the shadows and lighting will allow the model to easily fit into the environment. I know, it sounds very futuristic and we need to wait for practical results.

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