Nvidia: “Sell our video cards to the gamers, not miners”

 Nvidia: «Продавайте наши видеокарты геймерам, а не майнерам» The boom of cryptocurrencies and their tremendous growth over the past few years has made such a mundane thing as a graphics card, terribly rare. The resulting deficit led to the fact that gamers now don’t have time to buy a normal video card at a recommended price, and retailers have stopped selling their discounts. Nvidia has finally decided to intervene in this situation.

Known graphics card manufacturer issued an address, which explicitly called for retailers to sell video cards to gamers, not miners. In its recommendations, Nvidia asks to give priority to players who buy cards for the entertainment and care of the dealers who earn the currency to put in place.

That said the press Secretary of the Nvidia whitish Boris (Boris Böhles):
For Nvidia gamers in the first place. All our actions are related to the GeForce line of products, focused on our core audience. We therefore ask partners to take appropriate measures to ensure good accessibility and a large selection of GeForce graphics cards of different models and variations among consumers.
Please note that this is a recommendation and nothing more — a retail chain are free to sell the graphics card for those who they want and may not follow this request. However, this is good news because PC gamers may soon become extinct as the mammoths — in fact the graphics cards there, and without them there is no good gameplay.

Nvidia intervention can reverse this trend, especially if AMD will go to similar actions. We will monitor the situation.

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