Library Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

Библиотека Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

The first ten minutes of the game Willy-Nilly Knight is discouraged.

Imagine that you were among the audience at the children’s matinee. Only instead of poems about the radiant sun, beloved mom and dad and about how interesting to learn all about the world, obedient children diligently play “Romeo and Juliet”. Moreover, the teacher-Director has tried to reproduce the case without cuts. Only, of course, with the scenery, the moon on the bracket and subtle performances in a kindergarten tight.

The trouble’s not even that spinning in the tomb of Shakespeare at this moment can provide electricity to, perhaps, the whole of the UK. The trouble is that you, personally, you instantly recognize the master, and no further serious attempts corpses and no witty yellow balls on a string doesn’t mean anything. Your mind has already moved to a parallel universe, where in the deep caverns of the hollow Earth, Cthulhu sits on the surface and crazy people do with their culture terrible lewdness.

But you just went to a weird children’s party.

Well and if briefly, in the first ten minutes WNK I instantly recognized Divinity: Original Sin, only with worse graphics, limited dialogue, neutered combat and kids on the first cast. Would be better if I didn’t know. But you just see for yourself, how can you not recognize one of their favorite games:

Well if the interface just was like – well it’s still a classic layout. Okay, if it were at the start of the two heroes walked down the path on the coastal nature. Also it is clear that we gamers love this debut. Well, when the role play has hit upon the gold standard starting locations and allowed to you monsters three pieces at a time so you are comfortable with the basic mechanics of the local. But you, WNK, all just a note-to-note, until thrown ashore of boxes of supplies.

When another unhappy critic argues that video game developers need to align with the market leaders, it does not mean a literal retelling.


After some time role-playing the mirror sets in the second round, and deja vu begins to turn in exactly the opposite light. What if our poor retarding relative is never relative, it is the creators of Original Sin in the eye has not seen, and the similarity of the two games is pure coincidence?

At the end of it all, D:OS itself is in full use it is not invented stamps. And developers Willy-Nilly Knight just wanted to make the chamber a fantasy adventure with simple tactical battles and all-references to pop culture.

In General, the budgets and scale of projects is obviously different, enough to push the foreheads of the two weight categories. Who knows what catches the eye.

Oh, this is a cruel joke. WNK does not hesitate to continually say Hello to works of popular culture, but in order for RPG not spent the entire review down, you need it from the same pop culture isolate.

Библиотека Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

Exhaled. Tactical role-playing game is the first time in my life. It’s all good.

The hero wakes up in a world of sword, magic, and poorly optimized shadows from the trees. The first two steps — and in the hands of the protagonist turns out to be Excalibur, two more steps, and the hero calls for help young and pretty sorceress, which was attacked by goblins. Life has almost failed, left nothing: to bring the lady to the nearest town, to find out there about the troubles of local residents to meet with military dwarves, to travel, to kill the dragon, marry and receive a dowry of half the Kingdom, legendary armor and achievement for completing the game.

WNK never shy neither its budget nor its intimacy. The characters are not exchanged on the persuasive speech, the location is not trying to disguise the usual isometric corridors in the rubble of decorative stuff and Easter eggs instead of having to be hidden at the corners, lined in a row along the storyline of the highway.

All the tinsel. Any good Munchkin knows that the happiness of tactical fun — boevka. Turn-based fights, however, also considerably eased. However, unlike plot-world-all-else, where sincere may be the desire of designers to rid the game of any “excess weight” have backfired and more like a banal combination of laziness and negligence, the fighting managed to shrink it in that concise riddles.

We even left favorite hardcore tricky formulas, spells, and abilities. Well, where’s the “Blow of the Berserker” gets x1.25 of the total strength of the character and leaves the effect for 3 turns, ticking another x0.5 of the total power, but with the condition that the enemy are pre-hung negative status of “Burning”. Do not put accurate descriptions of the abilities in unreadable encyclopedia did not hide the equations from the eyes of gamers, grown-up brought the exact text right on the button with a specific spell.

Библиотека Steam: Willy-Nilly Knight

There would be me completely ignore the outside world and to devote himself entirely Stripping the local forests, caves and mountains of evil spirits, but almost every five minutes in the head surfaced the question of why I play a degraded version of role-playing projects, which even now reinstall, create a new party and prepromote with much more pleasure than it Willy-Nilly Knight.

News hour: the best is the enemy of the good. Especially if this pair lies on the same shelf. Especially if good to good-it falls short with the large-Oh stretch. Especially if a good does not even try something to isolate yourself against the best, except the price tag.