Review Of The Surge

Обзор  The Surge

The German company Deck 13 for the second time trying to jump on the train of Souls, offering players the familiar mechanics with a new sauce. And if Lords of the Fallen , the authors decided only to slightly tweak the mythology, then The Surge a bold move in a radical direction of robotopolis.

It is not surprising that the story of the game follows the route of good intentions on the road to technology hell. But how it all started well: an international Corporation CREO changed the world for the better, restoring the ecology of the planet and saving people’s lives. One of the first people became wheelchair Warrenwho agreed to painful surgery for the opportunity to walk again. The operation was successful, but during his absence something had gone wrong. Hundreds of machines rebelled, turning people into crazy cyborgs, and now only the main character can save the survivors and get out of mechanical madness.

Обзор  The Surge

Following the precepts of the elder brother, The Surge copies a large part of the mechanic of the Souls, sometimes even encroaching on freshly baked Nioh, offers several of their own ideas. The main character is encased in a metal exoskeleton which is powered by an advanced power core. Collecting items from slain enemies and analyzing the obtained components, you can in the special medical room to pump the base kernel, getting the opportunity to hang additional items, each of which requires energy. Arms, legs, torso and head, depending on the modification, use different amount of charge, providing unique benefits: increasing the protection, health, stock up your energy or strength. You just need to find the blueprints and create new modifications of materials and details on a dedicated bench. Armor from the chests in the classic sense on the locations in The Surge there.

You can combine elements of armor from different sets, but the full set will give you some nice bonuses. Drawings, parts and materials fall from the enemies, encouraging you to clean the same locations several times, especially as the genre implies a revival of almost all opponents after a life in the medical station, which replaces here the familiar fire. However, here the Deck 13 has made several controversial innovations. Abandoned after the death items now disappear after a time, but if you are afraid to lose a large amount of mechanical shower, you can save them to a medical station.

Обзор  The Surge

Armor items can be pumped out individually on the workbench, but to obtain maximum protection, stamina or health, you can only closer to the end of the game when you open up access to rare materials. With the growth of the power core and the new levels are opened and the extensions on the exoskeleton. To achieve the forty-fifth level you will have eight available for modifications of cells, which raise your health, energy reserves of stamina or allow you to hang the second set of kits, which restore power due to peaks of energy. Combining armor modifications and weapons, you can build a set that is most appropriate for your style of play.

With weapons like in Souls, you’ll be in speed, style, and damage. Huge metal maces, one-handed, inferior in speed to the blades in two hands but is able to stun or knockback the enemy. The beats themselves are divided into vertical and horizontal and can line up in a combo, which with the growth of the energy of rage can be completed with bloody finishing moves.

Обзор  The Surge

The opponents have vulnerabilities, striking with which you can quickly finish the fight. And if you choose as a target protected by armor legs or torso, the battle will be difficult, but you will have the opportunity to shoot down the element of armor and rare drawing or bonus features.

In addition to chain attacks, your character can through the line of fury to carry out the above-mentioned finishing, use special modifications, or to call for help drone. The last time I can even open doors to previously inaccessible locations.

The combat system is intended to block and counter attacks, and the ability to cushion a fall from a great height, landing on the head of the unsuspecting robot.

From the design perspective, The Surge looks sad because of the monotony of the complex and kishorsinh labyrinths of levels. The opponents range from robotic zombie with sluggish movements to rapid predators and armored enemies with flamethrowers and grenade launchers.

Обзор  The Surge

The emphasis on open and easy to learn environment srepok be welcomed, but for the most part the world The Surge lacks originality. Considerable attention is given to backtracking, and you have to go back to previously completed locations, to experience new skills and continue the journey. The hero explain what needs to be done, but not saying where it is and how to implement it. Given the lack of detailed maps, I had to consistently search the already passed United the downloads area to find the desired passage. Fortunately, the game is very fast loading screens that do not strain.

It is clear that the authors tried very hard to please the player, for example, stopping the timer until the disappearance of lost items during long sections of descent of the Elevator.

Bosses are a different topic altogether. Quite boring from design point of view, giant fighting robots and mechanical spiders offer several options to victory, giving the player the ability to find a weak spot in the armored colossus. In so doing they change the attacks as you destroy them, but such a delight how bosses in Soulsborne, they definitely do not. It is difficult to experience emotions in the address of the next robot-scavenger.

Обзор  The Surge

Especially during the key battles to the forefront one of the main shortcomings of the authors of The Surge. The combat system is not provided the ability to cancel the animation. If you have threatened to strike, the enemy has launched an unlockable combos, you can’t cancel a punch and bounce back, which almost always leads to your death.

Graphics – one of the strengths of the Deck 13 and in the case of The Surge , it looks extremely modern. The owners of PS4 Pro here got two game modes: simplified with a frequency of 60 frames and the most technologically with 30 frames per second. But behind all these explosions, lighting effects and pillars of sparks lacks unique gameplay.

Обзор  The Surge

There were in the world , The Surge and a place for side quests, but they clearly do not have enough detail to find staff for a brave girl or the medicine for the wounded, of course great, but where to find them and what they look like is unclear. They are accidental.

That is worth praise The Surge is great for localization. Russian interface elements, objects and menus worthy of our gratitude.

The Surge is a good attempt to shift the mechanics of Souls in the world of the technological future, but General secondary, monotonous levels, the problem with the combat mechanics and boring enemies leave a touch of disappointment. In addition, the authors have not added multiplayer modes, which can be considered a glaring omission. However, to the credit of Deck 13 , the game does not cause irritation, allowing you to spend time waiting for new additions to Nioh or the next project from Miyazaki.