Battle Royal in the bushes – a review PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The story of awkward Deathmatch variations of DayZ, who suddenly turned into the most discussed and adored by the broad masses of game, even being early access, it is time to tell developers a little before bed. Because only in fairy tales happens to from rags to riches in less than six months, and on release you already danced all of the major princes of the gaming industry, rhythmically dragging the ground in the unforgettable “Dot”. From harsh life realities such miracles are usually incompatible.

Although it is actually no magic in the success of PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds not unless you count those clever marketing through Twitch-zombie and a conscious choice of a niche without explicit competition. Among battle-Grand pianos, kings mountain and other hunger games – entirely dead soul, to stand out against the background which is not too difficult. Enough just, who would have thought, is not to throw your project on the first build. Well, and smile a pair of triple streamers in the process, of course.

Our Korean Cinderella, all is forgiven because she is relatively playable and support, there is one. Even the coveted version 1.0 is infinitely far from completed, nothing more similar to a normal game in this genre simply does not.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

For absent now and bewildered about what we do, it is necessary to clarify. PlayerUnчто there (PUBG for short) – it’s about large-scale battles in the format of “Last Man Standing”. Every match about 100 people landed on the island, but still alive only have one. In the case of team modes, however, the concept of the last surviving stretches to the whole group, but the essence is the same: you are always in the minority. In the vast expanses of the playing card brand they all want to cut your throat, and your task is to this to protect the throat.

A simple rule is supplemented by two “but”. First, the equipment need to find their own. Launch party is actually naked, and the weapons, armor and medicine have already in place, scanning the area for randomly generated loot. Some point, of course, the Almighty Rand showered with Goodies other a little more abundant, so that a comfortable degree of risk at the initial stage ask for yourself quite easily.

For example, in some run-down farm, hardly anyone will bother, but the equipment there is likely to be so-so. You want all at once – go to the military base, fight with a dozen of the same fearless Robinson for the right to wear the best helmet in the game and fill a backpack with first-aid kits. And you can even ride on falling from the sky boxes with unique guns and enjoy the undivided attention of half the server. Entertainment provided under any whim.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

However, sooner or later to emerge from the shadows still make. Another local feature – a dynamic play area, inexorably skukozhivaetsya at an arbitrary point of the island. PUBG, like a rugged shepherd, gradually pushes a bloodthirsty bunch of players in a close ring, harshly punishing “Apostolov”, and at the end literally confronts the survivors heads for the final confrontation. In other words, perfectly adjusts the tempo within a single session.

It was enough to turn banal “varivestis” intelligent, agile and at the same time not devoid of tactics concept. If a two-hour collection of stew in DayZ through some impenetrable fatalism, here we have a well organized structure with a clear final goal in the competition disciplines a La Counter-Strike, and freedom of action in the manner of those of your survival games.

Any match in PUBG consists of a string of decisions every second. Try your luck in a dangerous area or to disembark at some distance from all the action? What is more convenient: the machine gun or sniper rifle? Needless to linger over the area? Whether to steal treacherously noisy “UAZ” under someone’s window? Where to go, where to go, whom to shoot and shoot if at all – have to choose so often that it is often not a choice at all, but a reflex impulse, which is creating a dozen new problems.

But new challenges – it is always very cool.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Cool because simultaneously you are (not)well-considered decisions are still 90-something hotheads. In the ecosystem where a significant proportion of the events given to chance, hundreds of grief-tactics – a powerful generator of custom situations, which you can think.

There are no games kind of “came, saw, conquered” at some of those stages always is something out of the ordinary. It happens that you came, saw, but still won because the enemy forgot to enter the area. It happens that hardly would have come, if not overturned next to the poor guy on the motorcycle. Happen dim dust on the outskirts of the port town and a full-fledged assault on the villages. Sniper duel and corridor shooting. Hide-and-seek in boxes and raids on the road. Sometimes Comedy, and behind it – a real Thriller when you for two or three minutes you forget to blink, looking for the last enemy between the trees.

In such scenes “Pubs” is especially strong. They are fun, diverse, ubiquitous and, to the secrets of success to a suspicious stromatopelma. Very easy to cut their adventures on the highlights that any woman zine will be understandable without having to explain context.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Warm-up with enabled voice chat is reminiscent of school corridors in front of the line.

Sometimes, though, for the variety to pay. The role of the loser of the number generator is also in store, and when it falls you only have to grit my teeth and endure the blows of fate. In some games of chance can obviously not be, because within two kilometers is not zapounidis any weapons and/or transport. In others, because the area favors campers, 30 minutes occupying the only house in the area.

But it is especially nice when the guy in the jacket runs through the wall and treats the fatal charge of lead from invisible weapons. This is the failure of the discharge is much more offensive and technical.

The revelation of the century: the game on early access still feels like a game from early access. Bluehole, of course, didn’t want to miss their own deadline, but a release stamp on the current build PUBG is also, you know, kind of a manifestation of incompetence.

Everything that can fail, and usually fails so far. Regular delays from the server to loose control, freezes, or noticeable input lag – the list of diseases is not only not declining, but increasing every patch. This is not to mention the fact that game on virtually any system.

And this is not to mention the fact that eSports are now good shooters, where you can naturally get stuck in the textures.

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Баттл-рояль в кустах – обзор PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The game just wasn’t done. Even in such mundane things as ergonomics and interface design, still occupying much more space than it ought, and visual range, which is to release hastily hung tear ENB filters the contrast and sharpness. Some of the available functions (Hello, zeroing!) and does not work. Do any other company it would have already been cooked at the stake.

Well, Yes that there, it is useless to argue before us the biggest phenomenon last year, and likely not the last event of the year coming. The most influenced by multiplayer drug a part of our team plays in PUBG more often than I want to admit, and it’s about something so says. Most likely, that with all its defects it is a good game. Suddenly exciting and quite original.

But that long-awaited genre of Kamerton – no, never. Will be better, and soon.