Library Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is a game about happiness. And also about the lack thereof and about the fact that life will go on as usual, despite the fact that you’re unhappy. Life will continue, even when you rot the latest clothes and when you break the last hammer. Will resume when your village will grow trees, among which will warp wolves and bears. And you, by the way, also will not die, just the mood you got is so-so.

The important thing is to build a tent of mushroom, logging and fishing pier. Today we are not only in the forest, but also on the island.

Библиотека Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

You need fan of economic strategies for happiness?

First of all — sandbox. Wild construction site, where the meadows grow resources where herds of resources and in which are buried deposits of resources.

FV puts the scenery on a satisfactory-plus. Plus – for your generosity. Ask card generator a hefty chunk of land, so do not worry about the lack of space for building, and the generator will fill you in a sea of so much black earth, that with the debut of the island never to come down. Only to build, build, build and build to new areas, to design a medieval highway and fenced hunting grounds.

All the disadvantages — insurmountable boredom of the landscape.

Cards need sparkle. Any center of attraction. For example, since we’re on the island, albeit sometimes the generator produces a sandy Cove. Or Vice versa, a steep rocky shore, from which to throw stones driven angry rock and unfinished algorithms bears. Or even in the woods from time to time to meet a peat bog. Or just a lake with carp. Or quite blunt the ravine, overgrown with some wild raspberries. Something that I want to reach out a hand of civilization. Want to build on a lonely coastal cliff the hut of a hermit, you will want to build in the Bay of a Port Royal, you will want to stick round lake fishing shacks.

No, nothing. A big cake of land with trees and monotonous banks. Happiness was close, but passed by. But – and so will survive.

After that begins the actual building, and here already in order. A variety of cubes in the designer perfect medieval town is fully paved. Pixel fortress on the real feudalism do not know absolutely nothing, and therefore, as one think to live in full prosperity: to eat meat, to wear fur to work with steel guns and live in communal houses. Forest Village infantile ignoramuses playing. The client is stuck in the building panel all at once, from double tents and huts of the collectors of pasture to a brewing production chain and metallurgical industry.

Apparently, fate has prepared a great future for my trainees, which the villagers yesterday without anything dominating in all conceivable spheres of human activity and decide the fate of the world, sitting at home on the unsinkable ship. It remains only to collect one hundred thousand million tons of helpful numbers and resources to build the dream of king for speed X10.

In the end, no one to bother us. At all. The success of the forest villages are so tightly enclosed in the hands of the gamer, from the inevitable success you just want to howl.

Библиотека Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Imagine that we quickly rode straight like a scrap of training regime, sighed in frustration, not finding in the game campaign and started a normal map with default settings. What can we ruin the game? In theory, there are two way to lose villagers. They can either not feed or leave for the New year without heating.

It seems that all. More forest people no-one can touch. They will walk in rags, beat stones and to cut the wood with your hands, eat only fish and mushrooms, to hate your life, but will continue to work and multiply. So severe people are afraid of even wild animals. The maximum that you allow yourself brown bears, grey wolves and other wild boars is exclusively for peaceful surroundings of the forest of civilization.

Issues of heating and food are solved in the style browser tycoon. At the start of the party laid buildings, four or five pieces. Stands out on a team of builders, and if not remove the timer, then for the next 20 minutes all you can go do other things. Then you need to allocate residents for the new jobs, and now it all. Then the peasants live by themselves, pass issued at the beginning of the game excesses, stop to enjoy Mondays, but don’t give up.

As an experiment I gave locked at the same time in the forest on the island people themselves, and went to the movies. And you know, nothing special happened. Abandoned the ruler of the foresters without special problems coped with the task to survive the two digital. Build yourself a couple of new houses, however, none of them guessed, so in addition to the vegetarianism and asceticism else miserable, I had to learn more and celibacy.

Here happiness has left me. Strictly speaking, the main challenge of any economic strategy (namely the building self-sufficient resistant to external threats to the system) have been overcome in ten clicks and twenty minutes of drinking teas. I didn’t want Forest Village.

A game turn was not necessary to me. Some inquiries a few moments the main menu, I still was able to find in Forest Village, some no, but a real puzzle. The client presented me with a new debut, with one starting a tent, just two people and a limited supply of basic resources.

Библиотека Steam: Life is Feudal: Forest Village

What and in what order do you do when you have nothing and no one, not once is not obvious, and this is the only mystery of the Genesis FV makes playing the game really. The trouble is that the real Christmas toy embodying the real gaming joy in the game exactly one. You found what in the forest is for E2-E4 — much immediately, Yes, but still — and won. And the promised Breweries, bakeries, fields of wheat, joyous, prosperous burghers… sooner or later they will come, is wanted.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village – this, remember, the game is about happiness. Hypothetical happiness that comes when you solve all the local economic puzzles, which are not, and still manage to build viable village, which long ago able to spend the winter without you.

PS If you really are bored, Life is Feudal gives always to play for each individual citizen. And personally kill the bear with one arrow, then two times to go from nedorazumenij carcasses to the warehouse and back. The pleasure is mind-blowing.