To Mafia 4 can be multiplayer

В Mafia 4 может быть мультиплеер

Remember, we talked about that Hangar 13 studios, which made the third Mafia is, and the requirement for applicants it seems that we are talking about Mafia 4? Now, the developers have published several new, more detailed jobs than significantly expanded the possibilities for gossip.

Thus, appeared the position of gameplay engineer on multiplayer, as well as engineer the work of open world. First you want to create a game in which a network function where players can interact with each other, and will be able to meet in the lobby so there will be PvP. All this is planned in the AAA-shooter from the first, and possibly third person. That to the world, they will be large, open, living city, with pedestrians and lots of interactions.

It looks like 4 Mafia or something Mafia Online. You only find out why they need programmers with experience of c PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and wait for vacancies to historical consultants. For if not, then the game will unfold in the modern world.

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Call of Duty: WWII – Winter Siege

					Call of Duty: WWII – Winter Siege

It seems that the holidays are coming early this year! We collected a ton of great material, and you can try out, starting from December 8 at 10:00 Pacific time. That’s when we start Winter Siege, the first event in the community of Call of Duty: WWII!

Let’s look at all you will present a Winter Siege.

Official trailer

Winter Carentan

Carentan, one of the most beloved multiplayer maps in Call of Duty history will be winter during community events in the Winter Siege. Carentan during the cold and snowy winter of 1944 is available to all players only during the event. In Winter Siege will be available winter playlist, as well as from time to time a pop-up window udvoenyy Expo.

Captain Butcher

Standard quartermaster will enjoy a well deserved holiday during the event, and a new one will take its place. Captain butcher, an ex-soldier of the British secret service, will complement the station, and whenever he’s there, you know – available content. So don’t forget to constantly check… but don’t ask him why he hides his face. You don’t want to know.

Free supply

With the new quartermaster comes new gear! Log in every week to obtain free supplies, and find some new items such as weapons, helmets, calling cards and much more.
One kind of each weapon you can obtain in the game by special orders from major Howard. You can get a unique version of each weapons as rewards for collecting items, as well as special winter uniform. Be sure to stay tuned!

In addition, if you are a member of Prime Twitch (Twitch Prime free if you have Amazon Prime), you get even more free loot! Winter Siege is launching the partnership between Call of Duty: WWII and Twitch Prime, which six months will you free brings supply and exclusive animated weapons skins. Go to Twitch Prime, to find out all the details.

The game with a weapon (Gun Game)

Favorite game mode available in the frozen event. This mode switches the players weapon set, and the farther you advance, the harder it becomes. This is a great way to test a new weapon as you battle to become the king of the hill. The game weapons will be available December 15.

Winter schedule

In addition to a winter Carentan, refer to the graphic changes, to see the snow in the air, festive lights and even a tree. Use this opportunity to challenge players to a 1v1 contest in the Pit, to hone their marksmanship at the shooting Range until the snow falls. In the end the weather clears up, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Be on the lookout

This event will bring you a lot of fun. You will receive many gifts when you play on a new map of Carentan winter, visit the winter headquarters, open your free supply, and compete in the Game with weapons and get Double XP. However, the Winter Siege will be available for a limited time, and the snow will melt, January 2 at 10 PM Pacific time. See you on the (frosty) battlefield!

*translation and adaptation of the material (source)

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In CSGO its own Battle Royale

В CSGO появилась своя Королевская Битва

Despite the fact that Valve Software is thinking about the possibility to add a Battle Royal mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, some are not going to wait, offering to enjoy a similar regime now.

This became possible after the publication of the final version of the modification for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive called Go 4 The Kill. Mod offers an open map, somewhere to four times more than the average card of Dissent. Map of the divided mountain ridges, which divide the location into several parts, but, nevertheless, do not hinder the movement between them. Despite increased scale, frame rate does not drop, and the comfort of the gameplay is fully identical to the original. Mod made available, so download it can anyone.

The author Go 4 The Kill notes that I wanted to do something like PUBG, but then realized that to make a map of similar size will not be easy, and decided to compromise. This modification was released back in August, at the time she was in early access, and now, according to the author, work on it completed.

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In PUBG pokarano one and a half million cheaters

В PUBG покарано полтора миллиона читеров

While a very decent game, can’t conquer one million copies in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds only some banned players are already a million and a half, than without the joy announced on the official Twitter BattleEye.

A little math, it turns out that this shooter cheater is every 17th, that is, about 5-6% of the total mass. But the work at the Battle Eye has no end, because the more bans, the more cheaters – that’s the paradox. See for yourself: in August under the bloody harvest came 50 thousand scams, in October this had increased to 300 thousand, in November – up to 700 thousand tons, and now December is not over, we learned about the figure at half a million. So, for the last 30 days their account has lost about 800 tons, the bulk of which you need to put in Chinese.

Judging by how the situation develops, we can expect that by the end of January the number of blocked will be over 2.5 million.

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The developers of Pathologic 2 spoke about the removal of organs from corpses

Разработчики Pathologic 2 рассказали об извлечении органов из трупов

Russian Studio Ice-Pick Lodge spoke about what will be the Pathologic 2, which many of us like the plague. Utopia.

In fact, the second part is just a good remaster of the original, but with a lot of innovations. The main character is a medic who needs 12 days to be able to get out of town in the plague. Developers report that will leave the opportunity to shoot, but this function is not in the main game.

We also learned that the search for any utility to be associated with a to become infected, for example, in order to open the Cabinet, need to find a key, which can carry traces of the virus. Well, even the developers have altered the system autopsy – operate bodies. In particular, to extraction of body organs, a special interface a La the inventory, where players will be asked to shift the bodies from the cell bodies in the cell crossbody bag. Will all this next year.

The game is already on Steam, but unfortunately, no date or approximate date of release was not specified.

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Browse Tekken 7

Обзор  Tekken 7

After many years of the reign of Street Fighter II to the mid-90s, the market came an unusual fighting game with three-dimensional mechanics. And while SEGA have developed a series of hardcore Virtua Fighter on powerful hardware own arcade machines with subsequent downgrades under the console, the company Namco with one of the creators of Virtua Fighter created a similar fighting game originally using the filling of the original PlayStation. Thanks to the versatile hardware, the smart combination of three-dimensional characters and locations together with the flat presentername backdrops and special technology of smoothing of the edges, the game looked great and worked at 60 frames per second – two times faster than VF on SEGA Saturn.

Even despite the damp, fresh mechanics, in which every button was responsible for the attack of a particular limb, along with memorable characters and a three-dimensionality has made a great impression on the players of the time, so not long to wait. And they were only bigger, better and more beautiful. The Studio culminated in Tekken 3that still tops many tops of the best fighting games of all time.

Since then, much has changed. Former innovator turned into a series, which began to stagnate, the kings of multiplayer competition, fighting games, gave way to the shooters and greatly subsided in popularity. New number of Tekken fans and not waited eight years. A whole generation of gamers that never played the series. Obviously, that’s why the seventh part is designed to tell the story of the family Mishima from the beginning.

Обзор  Tekken 7

In Tekken 7 the narrative is on behalf of an unnamed journalist who is investigating about the war, which unleashed a gin in the previous section. In the plot, we learn the motivation of violent acts Heihachi, as well as many other details. The story itself is epic, but has some strange turns and dead-ends at the middle. In fact, the entire story mode dedicated to the history of Heihachi and other characters only need for its disclosure.

Unfortunately, the developers failed to withstand the cinematic flow, so more than half of the scenes – it’s boring stories of a journalist under static sketches. The other half – clips, which are very different from each other. For example, the appearance of Akuma in the story, a guest character from Street Fighter, beautifully furnished, with a high level of detail and abundance of special effects. And Chapter memories about the events of Tekken 4 screensaver has been moved from the PlayStation 2 practically unchanged.

In addition to the main scenario, you can play a separate story matches the characters not participating in history. After each battle you can watch the little scene, full of specific humor.

Обзор  Tekken 7

The design has retained the traditional combination of realism and farce. In one battle can converge a boxer, a robot and a devil. However, even Akuma, despite their techniques, looks harmoniously. Most fighters have exaggerated body proportions. This is especially noticeable on the palms Asuka, Gina, and shoulders muscles Heihachi. But that’s what largely makes them distinct and unique. Since Tekken 6 design most of the characters have not changed, but the characters have one new suit.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 at 60FPS and flaunts a chic effects flares, sparks and reflections, the rich character models and their costumes, and cute environment. Advanced focusing effects, modern lighting and the use of physics of fabrics makes the graphics are really juicy, especially in versions for PRO PS4 and PC.

But if you look closely, sometimes you can ignore the minor flaws, like problems with shadows and most beautiful hair. The latter is especially strange, considering the rich experience of the Japanese in creating the beautiful hairstyles of the characters.

Обзор  Tekken 7

But we were particularly surprised by the low resolution. The version for Xbox One only works in 720p. While on PlayStation 4 the picture is issued in the format 864p. This is particularly noticeable on the ladder and “soap” on the locations with lots of detail. For example, in the arena of the Mishima Building. Only the PC version and PS4 PRO can support full 1080p.

Another serious technical problem you can call long downloads. From the moment you choose a character and location before the fight can go twenty-five seconds on the PS4 and more than forty seconds on the Xbox One! And online is often doubled! In multiplayer it may be that pre-match preparation along with the character selection and the synchronization takes longer than the fight. In such cases, it’s especially annoying that after every battle, the game returns to the lobby and have to repeat the entire process from confirmation of readiness to do battle to stage selection and a long download of the game. It would be much easier and faster if the developers made it possible to continue the game without returning to the menu.

Обзор  Tekken 7

As for the networking code, there are challenges. On the day of release Tekken 7 to play with a random opponent, it was simply impossible. In the vast majority of cases the connection with the opponent was interrupted before a fight. The developers released a patch, but it is the situation to end the game. Breaks – still not a rare phenomenon, but to connect with other players became more often. It should be noted that if the fight has already begun, it is likely that the connection will stay until the end of the match.

The quality of the connection is displayed in the traditional icon with five divisions. If your opponent has a dash and four more that play with him will be comfortable. Three divisions will be noticeable lag, something to get to the right timings will become more difficult. During the game, with European fighters technical difficulties were few, but serious delays occurred rarely.

In the ratings battle, there are often situations when the match is equal and at the very end the winner is determined. In this moment you always want to win, and Tekken 7 developers have provided this opportunity. At the end of ranked match, you have the option of “Revenge”, a trifle, which is so severely lacking in other games in the genre.

Обзор  Tekken 7

The fighting mechanics in Tekken 7 has made some important innovations. In the list of movements, a beats, is marked by a red emblem with a picture of the shield. It’s special attack Power Crash, which throw the opponent and kill his top and middle strikes (lower attack interrupting this technique). Power Crash need to use it carefully, because the damage received by your character during the animation of this attack is saved and you can lose more lives than they will spend opponent. If the opponent blocks the Power Crush, for a short time, your fighter becomes vulnerable.

Another innovation came from the world of 2D fighting games. When the hero is about a quarter of the health bar, then the scale starts to blink and opens the possibility for super techniques Drive Rage and Rage Art. The first option is well suited to the skillful players. Rage Drive high throws the enemy and opens the possibility for juggling an opponent that requires knowledge of the right combinations.

In turn, Art Rage is activated by one button and requires no special effort. Your fighter without further ADO conducts a powerful attack that takes the opponent about half life force. Both admission and Power Crash, absorb the enemy’s attacks and is able to turn the tide of battle.

Обзор  Tekken 7

Most often, these mechanics can be used as a last chance. When you have a fighter there are few lives, but the opponent has slightly less than half, you can decide the outcome of the round in their favor. At the time of the attack of the opponent, activating Rage Art, you are getting one kick can send the opponent in the knockout. However, if this technique got into the block or passed, it is likely that you will lose. Rage Art adds to the game more tactics, allows beginners to quickly settle and looks very spectacular, which positively affects the aesthetics of the battle as a whole – especially for spectators.

It is worth noting that to play Tekken 7 got a little easier and more enjoyable than ever before. The developers have increased the window to enter basic commands, and some men removed a lot of inefficient movements. The most important change in mechanics can be called safe getting up. Now harder to hit rolling opponents and making somersaults back, you can block the attack by holding the corresponding direction on the d-pad.

Обзор  Tekken 7

Despite the simplification, master of Tekken 7 at the professional level is difficult. Many fans of the series think the game is the most difficult tournament fighting discipline. Enter some commands still requires the player to high speed, skill and accuracy when pressing the buttons. For example, for the development of special electric uppercut (Electric Wind God Fist) for Heihachi it is necessary long and persistently to train. Some bundles captures the king require you to enter two or three buttons at the same time with the direction in a very short period of time in a kind of rhythm.

If the story campaign is passed, and in online do not want to climb, then you direct road to the mode of “treasure Battle”. Here each character is given a rank. Initially, all the soldiers of the newcomers, but winning close status rivals, hero raises your rank. In this mode unlocks the various elements for editing characters and the men dressed who in what is ready.

Обзор  Tekken 7

Good costumes in the game. The editor of characters, most of the clothing is just t-shirts, jeans and hoodies, who look at the characters so well, like a cow saddle. In the “treasure Battle” mostly falls rubbish like police flashers or shower installed instead of headgear. To create beautiful and unique appearance of his hero is almost impossible. It would be nice if the creators of the game gave the option to turn off all the settings characters in multiplayer, because naked Heihachi in short pink shorts and with a frog on his head – not a sight for the faint of heart.

The authors tried to provide the game a lot of extra content for fans. In Tekken 7 , there are all the videos from the previous parts, which you can open in-game currency. Without extra efforts you can change your music as the soundtrack of the previous parts, or customize your own playlist.

Tekken 7 better failed in all the six parts. The game was able to bring a few nice new features and keep all of its advantages… and some disadvantages. The combat system is still based on the juggling and despite the low barrier to entry, has great potential to study the many nuances. The seventh part is perfect not only fans of the series, but to all the players who missed the mechanics of three-dimensional fighting games. Additionally, the project can be recommended to hunters achievements. With due diligence, platinum or a thousand you can get in just one day.


VooFoo – power X Xbox One even came close to the GTX 1080

VooFoo – мощность Xbox One X даже близко не подходит к GTX 1080

Remember how recently one of the Directors Gaijin Entertainment has expressed in the way that the power of the Xbox One X is comparable to the GTX 1080? Many considered this statement stretched, and as it turned out, not in vain.

For example, managing public relations VooFoo Studios, Sean Walsh, said that the Xbox One X in terms of their technical capabilities is most similar to AMD RX 580 – graphics card whose power is comparable to a GTX 1060. How can it be that different experts estimate Xbox One X so different – that we will understand. In the meantime, anyone who wants to buy the console hoping to find a cheap console with a GTX 1080, it is worth considering – how can this device entirely to cost as much as there is only one GTX 1080. Probably, miracles still happens.

At the moment Xbox One X in the Russian retail is estimated at the sum of the order of 40 thousand roubles, while as for the GTX 1080 will have to pay 40 to 50 thousand, depending on the version.

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Bethesda – the refusal of the loot boxes will hang on the gamers additional costs

Bethesda – отказ от лут-боксов повесит на геймеров дополнительные затраты

Quite unexpectedly the topic loot boxes I decided to fiddle with a stick Christopher weaver – founder of Bethesda, rarely facing the audience, but, as you can see, closely tracking the topic.

The meaning of the statement Mr. weaver is that from the loot boxes you can refuse, but then “players have to absorb the current cost of creating AAA games”. In other words, Mr. weaver alludes to the fact that the game is devoid of loot boxes corny jump in price. It may be appropriate to recall the meeting of the investors of Activision, where it was announced that each Call of Duty need to earn about $ 200. So, perhaps, if the officials manage to win loot-boxes, it is possible that for ordinary gamers, this victory will be Pyrrhic and will result in catastrophic and irreversible changes.

At the moment in the West for playing AAA asking an average of $ 60. Russia has a different pricing policy, and the PC version of AAA projects cost almost two times less. But, no doubt, had promised Mr. Weaver’s promotion, the domestic gamers are also affected.

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Michael Pakter criticizes Japanese game

Майкл Пактер критикует японские игры

At the end of the year, a financial gaming analyst Michael Pakter – unstoppable. Just yesterday we talked about how he criticized Nintendo Switch for high prices, like today, he continued, having fallen in General for the whole Japanese game making.

The occasion was the game Ghosts of Tsushima is one of the biggest exclusives Sony release which is expected next year. So Mr. Pakter said the following: “Ghosts of Tsushima – not the kind of game that could have mass appeal because it’s too Japanese. It will not be game of the year, let it be three times is interesting. Despite the fact that Japanese taste has a wide popularity, the games from there too complicated and confusing. I personally played Persona 5, and I liked it, but I have no idea how she managed to leave the circulation, which dispersed.”

In General, Mr. Pakter did not discover America. Japanese games continue to remain a niche product not for everyone. Except they clearly children’s games from Nintendo, have a high barrier to entry and often are closed on Japanese culture, which is strange and alien to many gamers around the world.

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Pokemon RPG Game for the Switch will cost $100

Pokemon RPG Game для Switch будет стоить 100 $

Right now, when most American journalists with loud cries are at arm’s length the news that the Nintendo Switch game will be released with the working title Pokemon RPG Game, we just found out about something else.

Suddenly it became clear why people generally buy Nintendo Switch. They do this in order to pay for step-by-step cartoon pokemon 100 $, because it is so much, it seems, will cost this game, if you believe the service EBGames, which was the first one that actually revealed the secret of the very existence of this project. Very good: a completely childish game with mobile gameplay, for the price of one-third or half of the Switch S. the Xbox One And then another, many people ask: why is Nintendo Switch so unpopular in domestic spaces.

It is expected that Pokemon RPG Game will be released in 2019 year. Most likely, the game will be a completely different name. More details for all the suffering in Nintendo promised to publish in the next few weeks.

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