Review Of Tokyo 42

Обзор  Tokyo 42

Two brothers Shawn and Mazik from North London in their spare time to close the kitchen created your first game project. The fascination with cyberpunk, science fiction and classic Board games has left its mark on the debut work. And now, many years later, here is a story, drawing inspiration from popmix of isometric view in the style of the original Syndicate, colorful version of Blade Runner, “the Matrix” and reinterpreted the heritage of bullet-hell shooters.

The Wright brothers literally impregnate your project references to cultural phenomena, calling the hotel Nakatomi Plaza in honor of “die Hard” with Bruce Willis, or offering to kill the character like Wally from the popular series of children’s books. Skillful manipulation of known images results in a utopian story about a future world where the Corporation NanoMeds created the technology of resurrection. People just drink the magic potion company and are reborn in new bodies. Therefore, the murder of the worst crimes an unpleasant and very painful experience for the victim. But the main character was not lucky – he is charged in the final killing of a man who forgot to take amazing serum. In an attempt to clear his name and uncover a sinister plot our character has to plunge into the world of cruelty, violence and to become a machine of mass destruction.

A simple mission for the shooting of the next upstarts-millionaire turns into a dangerous mission with the assault of protected fortresses, the destruction of the combat units of the punks or the quiet resolve of the religious leader nudists.

Обзор  Tokyo 42

Together with the increasing complexity of tasks and changing the underlying mechanics. If the first mission you can use a simple machine gun or a sniper rifle, then with increasing complexity you have to buy six-guns, rocket launchers, combat lasers, and special sets of equipment. As in the series of Hitman, the world is Tokyo 42 you can become one of members of the opposing groups, but such a suit would not only have to buy in the store, but continually recharged at electric stations.

The style of the passage of each mission can vary from your desires. You can lure enemies and shoot them one by one at the point of teleport or use their clothes and kill the leader in front of the whole gang. Not less effective will be the extermination of the guards one by one silent katana or use the roof of the Elevator and flying past the car as the element of surprise. When sneaking squatting fast-preservation will help you in the most rapid execution of the task. Enemies don’t react to dead bodies of companions, allowing you to use stealth even in the most difficult circumstances.

Обзор  Tokyo 42

Play ahead has its pros and cons. When confronted with large groups of enemies, the screen turns into a bullet hell shooter where you have to Dodge hundreds of bullets and grenades, but these are the same shells and missiles kill the bandits, making the fight effective and dynamic. Of course, if you don’t die from one single shot.

Physical model means that you can’t hit a man behind cover, and shooting at moving targets from a sniper rifle is fraught with some difficulties, but gradually get used to it.

Enemies are aggressive, pelting you with grenades, shooting rockets or driving into a trap. And if the main story of 25 missions, is a progression of difficulty, the side quests are absolutely uneven. So, one of the tasks requires you to destroy the security, without Dismounting from the motorcycle. Two-wheeled friend completely unmanageable, making the mission itself is almost impassable. In another place you have to look for a lost cat, which can get stuck in the textures, making the instruction impossible. But the clearance of the bridge from a gang of punks or attempt to play off the hostile factions will give you not only pleasure, but also a significant amount of money. Special mission for delivery of parcels or running make a variety, but it is absolutely not interesting.

Обзор  Tokyo 42

Money is one of the important elements of the gameplay. They can improve the combat Arsenal, resupply ammunition and grenades or purchase a camouflage suit. It is natural that digital greens will accrue to you for the successful implementation of the main and side quests, as well as the assault checkpoints groups.

Another source of currency was the counterpart of Nemesis from the world of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. You killed the criminals eventually return and begin the hunt for you. Moreover, they are a little worried in the middle you stealth the job or in the center of a bloody battle. The bullet of retaliation may overtake you at the most inopportune moment, restarting the checkpoint. But if you kill the pursuer, you get a very nice financial gifts.

Camera control with sharp turns in the style of Monument Valley doesn’t seem quite a good idea, especially during large-scale battles when it’s important to understand where the enemy is.

To some it may seem that the graphics are too small for gaming monitors, but you can zoom in the settings menu.


Tokyo 42 – a fresh and exciting game that combines a few simple ideas. The project lacks a little bit of grinding control, some side quests and the physical model. But the gameplay is cool and the environment is sucked into the world of Tokyo 42 on the ears. And it is in our time clones and the annual blockbusters is simply priceless, so it is highly recommend you to try.

The game passed by:

  • Intel Core i7-3770@ 3.40 Ghz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • LG OLED 65C6V