Review Nex Machina

Обзор  Nex Machina

The company Housemarque has long occupied a niche of hurricane action with juicy explosions, dozens of enemies on one screen and vivid light effects. Projects Super Stardust, Resogun, Dead Nation and Alienation during a visual difference and the different approaches in the implementation of the total DNA of the company, which with each new project demonstrates a clear evolution.

Обзор  Nex Machina

Novelty called Nex Machina was created with the participation of retro-legend Eugene Jarvis. Eugene – not just the father of the Defender or Smash TV, but also a renowned expert on pinball and arcade machines. Using their past achievements, the genius of Jarvis and gorgeous graphics technology, Housemarque tells a story about the decline of humanity happened to be in the sudden uprising of the machines. You have to visit five amazing locations and to defeat the endless army of robots.

Thanks to voxel technology and specific use of color visually Nex Machina is very similar to Resogun, only with the top view. Each of the five worlds, divided into 15 short sections, offers to rescue people, earn multipliers and extra experience points.

Обзор  Nex Machina

The rest of the game is not shy to borrow ideas from colleagues. And although you can die with one shot, your character is able to Dodge the hail of flying bullets and missiles and collect numerous bonuses. These include life-saving, but disposable shield, triple gun & range. Destroying special boxes, you can get access to a powerful shot, the laser, detonator, bomb, sword or as useful as the rocket launcher. The latter is simply indispensable in the later stages and boss battles.

In Nex Machina presents several levels of difficulty, each offering incremental cuts, increasing the aggressiveness of opponents and the speed of movement of people. If “Newbie” you will have an infinite number of sequels of the game after the death of the character, the “Veteran” their number is limited, and the enemies will attack with a vengeance.

Обзор  Nex Machina

The game does not force you to pass it on to any particular level of complexity, but for the average gamer the first time it is better to try to complete the campaign on minimum settings.

In any case, you get a dynamic action game with powerful effects and diverse enemies that force you to competently maneuver between the hail of bullets and special projectiles. Much of the success of the Nex Machina is due to the spectacular graphics that animates classical mechanics mixed with Resogun. As a result, the game is addictive and doesn’t let go until the very end.

In addition to the arcade mode, after that you will open all five worlds, you will be asked the mode “Arena”, where there are already time limits, enemies become faster, and the numbers of bonus look rather generous. Completing arenas you can get new armor or a helmet to give uniqueness to your character. Ratings tables for countries and regions should encourage you for new challenges.

Обзор  Nex Machina

For fans of cooperative labor has a mode for two people, but only on the local screen. It is hoped that full multiplayer will be added later, but she’s too ghostly.

Nex Machina is a bright and engrossing game with multiple difficulty modes, a cool auxiliary weapons, and various mechanics and enemies stages. But the project is lacking online co-op, full-time study and diversity in the presented modes. However, if you’re a fan of past projects from Housemarque, in the case of Nex Machina you will not be disappointed. It is a pity that all 75 episodes are traversed in less than an hour.