US police shot and killed gamer for fun partner for Call of Duty

Полиция США застрелила геймера из-за шутки партнёра по Call of Duty

Great news comes from that Bastion of Democracy. In Kansas, local police shot and killed 28-year-old Andrew Finch, who loved Call of Duty.

It was like this: Andrew was playing the new Call of Duty and at some point in the game was played a quarrel after losing the battle. Future victim had a fight with some 25-year-old Tyler Morrisson, which found nothing better than to call the police and say that at Andrew Finch hold hostages, and that they heard shots. Democratic police immediately responded to a call and when Andrew started to open the door – shot him, like in the most free country in the world.

As a result of the debriefing it became clear that Mr. Burress, which gave the police a false tip-off, has been repeatedly prosecuted for such actions. In particular, he was accused of several false denunciations about bombs and imminent attacks. Also it is suspected of disrupting the last tournament for Call of Duty in Dallas, which was also interrupted because of the reports about the bomb.

It is noteworthy that the victim Mr. Finch was not armed, but even if it was, the police couldn’t know about it, because he shot through the door. This COP was, incidentally, not a simple operative, and officer. Yet he was sent on paid leave. Well, gaming community US now, of course, terrified.

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