Table games win video games on Kickstarter

Настольные игры побеждают видеоигры на Kickstarter

Administration Kickstarter has published something similar on a financial report with statistics of the last few years, including in video games. And here in the study of one of the graphs suddenly it became clear that the main crowdfunding platform in the world video games are gradually losing the battle of popularity to the game table.

If at the end of 2015 video games on Kickstarter have earned 41.5 million dollars, and table games of 84.6 million, by the end of 2016, the earnings of video game projects fell to 17 million, while earnings table grew to 101 million. Changed the number of successfully completed projects: in 2015, successfully raised funds 374 video games, and in 2016, -388, whereas the number of successful nastolok is 1396 and 1710, respectively.

What this statistic can tell us simple gamers? That not all games are video, and that people gradually become disillusioned in the video games and go back to the classics table.

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