Review Of Thumper

Обзор  Thumper

Appearing in a pilot project at the next gaming event for developers, Thumper quickly made it to release on PC and PlayStation 4 late last year. The game has received positive reviews in the press, but failed to become popular among the audience. Obviously, it was because of a too tight schedule autumn blockbusters, against which a small project from the lead programmer of Dance Central Brand Flare and bass noise-rock band Lightning Bolt, Brian Gibson simply lost. Didn’t notice it and we, but with the advent of version for Nintendo Switch in a relatively quiet releases season rush to make amends.

Обзор  Thumper

Thumper – a dark musical game that transports gamers into an abstract world full of creepy images and heavy rhythms. You operate a huge beetle, which slides on the silver road ahead – a meeting with evil. Blurry images and grotesque location flow into one another, breaking the reality, distorting matter and creating holes in the hallucinogenic reality.

Huge tentacles unfold like the buds of wild roses are lured down the rabbit hole, reminding a sick dream where you are being hunted big mouths demonic creatures, and ran toward the giant centipede. Players will stand against the protective system of lasers, huge spikes, energy barriers and walls placed on the sharp turns.

Обзор  Thumper

As in Guitar Hero, you should be able to hit the notes, which are located along the road plates on the floor and walls. Time by pressing the button in time with the music, the bug will activate the note. Sometimes you have to use the left analog, spread your wings and flying over the highway, to overcome obstacles or collect special bonuses. Or gently enter the drift from the dangerous walls that can break the steel carapace of a beetle. Protection also breaks down, if you do not accelerate the energy barrier or collide with spikes and centipedes. Another hit breaks the beetle into pieces, discarding the progress to the previous checkpoint.

Accumulating a rating, not missing notes, you can restore the shell, protecting itself from the next collision. The armor can be returned and special gates, which complete each section – the main thing is just to get into the final note.

Обзор  Thumper

Just on every level about 30 savepoints that, even given the great location, guarantees the absence of irritation, if you are unable to pass the partition and died. In this part of the notes can be safely ignored. In this case, you just lose the extra points in the final ranking. Built-in functionality allows you to compare your achievements with your friends and players from around the world.

With each new world the game becomes more difficult – there are new traps, and a combination of the curves of the track are complicated, and you have to accurately hit the notes. Already in the middle of passing, the game becomes very heavy for a casual audience, and extremely difficult even for hardcore players.

Обзор  Thumper

Bosses make your life in the world Thumper even more difficult. They can appear in the beginning of the episode, and is guaranteed to await you in the middle and at the end of the level. And if in the first case, they are likely to introduce new mechanics that open up in each world, in the middle you will face a serious test, making sure to get the timings. Accurately creating a bunch of combinations, you accumulate the energy inside the beetle, which releases a powerful pulse that destroys evil. Usually this is accompanied by beautiful effects that make the confrontation memorable.

Each episode ends with a battle with the devil, where the barriers difficulty only increases, but the mechanics are not changing, offering you accurately get into the rhythm, activating energy units. If you miss and break the chain of the boss, then lose power. In this case, the track quietly rebuilt, returning you to the beginning of the passage, and you have to accumulate energy again. And you will stay in this loop indefinitely, until it will not be able to mint combo, stretching the match to tens of minutes of persistent attempts. But if you catch the rhythm and time press the buttons, you can defeat any boss maximum per minute real time. It all depends on the dexterity of your hands.

Обзор  Thumper

The game runs in 1080p resolution at a frame rate of 60FPS and looks great. We have one of the most polished projects on Nintendo Switch – in portable and fixed mode, the image is smoothed and pleased with the unusual effects and unique design.

It is also worth noting that Thumper is very sensitive to PSU imput lag. Due to the incredibly high speed of the gameplay even seemingly insignificant delay for the TV in the 22-28мс can be critical. In portable mode PSU imput lag is not felt at all, so this is the best way to enjoy the project.

Thumper is a really hard game that stands out compared to other musical projects unexpected concept and choice of setting. Beautiful and unusual visual images together with extraordinary music drawn into the murky world of drug psihotipa. But the degree of diversity, the game is still inferior to the project masters of the genre – Tetsui mizuguchi has. On the other hand, if you always thought that Child of Eden, REZ , or even Space Channel 5 is not enough complexity, in this case, you’ve found the game.