Destiny 2 again accused of limiting earnings currency

Destiny 2 снова обвиняют в ограничении заработка валюты

Among the fans of Destiny 2 continues to ferment around the theme of restriction of flow. This time Bungie was accused of establishing restrictions on the earnings of the so-called glimmers – the main in-game currency, which players receive for killing enemies.

In particular, in the Internet appeared the story of one of the fans of the game, about how he had to shoot enemies in 400 glimmered, and then saw that next to new enemies currency to accrue ceased. Some time passed, and glimmery again began to drip into the Treasury of the player, but with less intensity. In the comments following unsubscribed dozens of other gamers who observed the same situation. So that Bungie will again have to invent excuses.

In fact, a limit of 400 glimmered was in the first part of Destiny. This is especially angered many, who believed that the developers have learned my lesson and will not allow in future such impertinence, but as you can see, someone was wrong.

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