The creators of Destiny 2 found an unexpected explanation for the machinations of accrued experience

Создатели Destiny 2 нашли неожиданное объяснение махинациям с начислением опыта

Yesterday was supposed to take place live from the guidance of Bungie, but it was canceled due to “increasing tension” among the fans of Destiny 2. Gamers are strained because of the machinations of accrued experience that is closer to 20-th level is gained very slowly: up to 4% of the original volume.

The players, naturally, have accused the developers that they thus push them to purchase in-game store. But in response to this guide Bungie invented almost a genius excuse: experience decided to charge in such meager amounts to “serious gamers had the motivation to go to the game”.

This was stated by the marketing Manager, Eric Osborne and the head of the Studio, Luke Smith, which is broadcast, decided to go to the players in writing, so that’s a funny excuse.

Say, the game has enough content to entertain for weeks on end to those who spend a Destiny 2 every few hours, so pumped these guys, unlike the Amateurs, and it was decided to calculate the experience per hour on a teaspoon.

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Presented new gameplay Mechwarrior 5

Представлен новый геймплей Mechwarrior 5

Piranha Games (not to be confused with Piranha Bytes) have introduced a new shooter gameplay Mechwarrior 5, whose output promises to be held next year, and announced that the expanded image will show this game on 9 December at an event called MechCon.

Honestly, nostalgia is all well and good, but not in the form in which we were offered. One can only sympathize with those who will represent this game on MechCon, explaining to the audience how awesome it is, because the world is dead and empty, surrounded by a completely non-interactive, shooting is boring and the whole picture would be relevant, perhaps, 10 years ago, but – alas – not now.

However, fans of the series still remain in joyful excitement. Well, of course – practically the only game in the forgotten genre of the enormous, humanoid robots, is a long time. The developers are not very keen on sharing details, so here are the gameplay demonstrations are of obvious value to all those interested.

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Pokemon GO caused damage of US $ 7 billion

Pokemon GO нанесла ущерб США в 7 миллиардов долларов

You’ve heard the theory that mobile toy Pokemon GO – the creation of a demonic Russian hackers? Well, this idea seems to be to develop, because it turned out that the game caused US damages in the amount of 7.3 billion dollars.

These data provided the edition of the NYPost, where he spent a rather amusing calculations, counting all the deaths, the accident, treatment costs, costs of visits to the police and simply injury or material damage because of the actions of the hunters pokemon, and published the aforesaid amount. However, the calculation was not correct: the journalists estimated data for the district to Tippecanoe that in Indiana, and found that the incident, there are 134 accidents, 31 injuries and two deaths pulling in half a million. Then, probably, multiplied by the number of other districts of the country and were as follows.

And all anything, but we would place Niantic Labs prepared for bad news, because on the horizon loomed clearly unpleasant litigation with the authorities.

And you ask: why did the Pokemon GO is not allowed in Russia.

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In Star Citizen sell the land for real money

В Star Citizen продают участки за реальные деньги

Great news arrived from the makers of Star Citizen. The game has already attracted more than 170 million dollars, but has no plans to leave. When it comes out, will be the frustration and reality, and now that everything is on the rise, so developers came up with an ingenious method of pumping money from the public: they offered players to buy land on planets and asteroids.

For just $ 50 you can become the owner of the virtual plot area of 4 square kilometers. And for $ 100 can zapodlitso as much as 8 square kilometers. We are afraid that all the space is not enough, therefore, already managed to announce that they are working on billions of square kilometers, enough for everybody.

Oh, and most importantly: it is expected that this idea will upset the balance, perceiv it in the direction of Pay-and-Win, because from his site, players can gather resources, avoiding anyone that will improve their position compared to landless rivals. Such is the economy.

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The voice assistant will comply with the requests of gamers in Destiny 2

 Голосовой помощник будет выполнять просьбы геймеров в Destiny 2 The company Activision, with the support of Amazon will release a special device called Destiny 2 Ghost, which is intended to comply with the requests of gamers. The device will sync with Amazon Alexa, which will allow players in the truest sense of these words, to communicate with the game directly.

 Голосовой помощник будет выполнять просьбы геймеров в Destiny 2
The process is as follows: the players tells the device a specific phrase, then Destiny 2 Ghost executes the query. For example, gamers can say what they want to equip the character in Destiny 2 best weapon, after which this command will be immediately executed. The gadget will only know about 1 000 voice commands.

Destiny Ghost 2 will be released on December 19 of this year at a price about 90 $ (5 250 rubles). The device will be compatible with all versions of Destiny 2, including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you decide to buy this gadget, we advise you to read the material, which describes in detail how to order the product from Amazon and other foreign sites.

Some commands that can perform Destiny 2 Ghost:

  • The opportunity to listen to some dialogues designed to expand the knowledge of the in-game universe;
  • Recommendations about what you need to do in Destiny 2;
  • The ability to outfit your character the most powerful existing weapons with a single command.
  • The ability to send messages to friends and follow their activity before entering the game.

We will remind that recently took out the demo of Destiny 2, which allows you to preview the game before deciding to buy it or not.

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Review of South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Three years after the “Stick of Truth”, was spent by the company Ubisoft is not in vain. Losing a key developer is not much impact on the new game. Sarcastic adventure where the emphasis is on characters, dialogue and plot, could not only adapt to the controversial changes, but also to rise to a higher level.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

The events of South Park: The Fractured But Whole start immediately after the end of the original. The name of the character “newcomer” becomes a mighty king, and the medieval war between the children is approaching its finale, but he at the last moment decides to change the rules of the game. Stick of truth sticking out of a garbage can, and replaced the elves and the mages comes a story about superheroes, a parody of the great confrontation between Marvel and DC.

By a twist of fate, you join the team “Coon and Friends” who try to be like Marvel characters, like Wolverine-raccoon, Cartman or Cyclops, the role of which performs man-the kite Kyle. Heroes obsessed with the idea of finding a missing cat to obtain the reward of 100 dollars and to develop its own superhero franchise with comics, figurines and series on Netflix.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Since you have a new history, all the experience, skills and super skills from the first part go after a mighty stick in the archive, and you have to develop new capabilities. In the beginning offers just one of the three classes to choose from, but with the development of history you get access to abilities of all types of heroes, choosing the most suitable your tactics skills. Abilities differ from attacks in melee to defensive skills, treatment, call for assistance and skills with high area damage.

For example, a barbarian, or karate can inflict heavy damage in melee or to throw the opponent on a few cells back. Psionic able to set the shields and to brainwash, and the technician put the gun, dealing extra damage to the enemy.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

The same abilities you have and your opponents, of which 20 hours of the game you will find more than enough. Sami battles take place in steps in the manner of a Japanese RPG. You make a move, moving on the available number of cells, causing damage to many cells. After you move your opponent makes.

In the second part of the story the main character gains the ability to rewind time, cancelling enemy moves, or to freeze the time and apply this pause maximum damage to the enemy.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

In addition to the usual abilities, you build up rage for the conduct of the super combo. This is the most devastating ability, allowing it to devour all claws in the role of Cartman or destroy the power of male love, if we are talking about Craig or the Company.

The main character can choose to seek admission in any of the available classes from the deadly ninja jump up to the brutal beating of a barbarian.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

In addition to three regular skills and one special, the characters can use items. Kits and mixtures for recovery work like in other RPGs, but the star of David made out of macaroni, calls Moses, which heals the entire party. The mobile phone helps to get a hooker that will crush the enemy on the car radio and make contact with professional hunters, able to riddle any target. The number of special items are limited, but you can create them from scrap materials in inventory.

Crafting is one of the foundations of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. New costumes, items, jobs, special and ordinary items you can create at any time. The quality of available items depends on the recipes that you find and buy, and the General level of leveling your character.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

The skill of needlework swinging from the rest of the skills separately and depends on the number of created things. Especially critical to the gameplay is the creation of artifacts. They have a different shape, the power level and set in cells that are opened as you progress through the game. The digital value of the artifact is combined with other artifacts and determines the final level of the steepness of your character that affect power, protection and other important characteristics.

For example, the fight with one of the most difficult bosses in the game you will need a rating of 800, in other words, each of the eight cells in this case must have the artifacts are not at least level 100.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

These same parameters affect DNA, which can enhance certain abilities. All the enemies and quests in the game have level restrictions, so you will know whether you should start the task or you want to devote your time to finding recipes and crafting.

The story of South Park: The Fractured But Whole , even in their side jobs should be completely sarcastic diatribe rhythm popular show. The level of difficulty in the game depends on the choice of colour, and the difficulty lies not in the battles themselves, and the attitude towards other players. Blacks do not favor even the police. In another scene a priest after the enlightening speech locks your hero in the back room, where two pedophile in robes to pull out of my ass anal chain with crosses and whip themselves through the body, ready to abuse your character. In another episode of cute looking animals-Satanists are trying to defeat an angry Santa. The fight with fat strippers, representatives of the cult, feminists, people-crabs and Korean ninja will be to maintain the desired degree of insanity right throughout the game.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Not do South Park without the current topics of gender identity and microaggression. Passing a series of tests, you can change your gender and sexual preferences of the character. These elections splashed on you a ton of new situations and jokes, which are partially lost in the Russian localization. Unfortunately, the authors of the Russian subtitles are unable to properly adapt multi-layered humor of the series, and the sex-change character to female, you will hear the words: boy, girl, miss the kid so many times that was confused in the identification of his hero. Still a “kid” – it’s not always the kid, and “she” should not be replaced by “he”, even if you really want.

But the main theme of South Park: The Fractured But Whole is everything to do with ass and gases. Moving through the story and discovering new friends, your hero has four unique abilities. Kyle helps with your snake and your fart to fly high over the land, Scott, who is also the captain of Insulin, inhaled an inhuman stench are able to break barriers and open new passages, Butters puts his pet hamster hero in the ass, which then flies at a speed of bullets and striking electronic locks, well, the last partner by means of a pump and your ass destroys life-threatening obstacles such as lava and acid.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Farting is a means for time travel, a catalyst for blasting explosives and dangerous enemies. And the QTE on the toilet will give you a few extra points and precious experience. And that’s not counting the signature cocktail of fart and semen, which you have to prepare the plot.

Surprisingly, South Park: The Fractured But Whole not many iconic characters. A fleeting encounter with Jesus, Towelie and Morgan Freeman are all in addition to the main characters that can offer the history of the game. Nevertheless, the plot of the sequel was logical and varied. The only thing that can be presented to creators is a failed system of rapid movements located in the most useless places control points that need to be activated separately, and boring side-quests, to collecting items. Search, yaoi and cats-of the gay sounds funny but in practice it’s pretty boring. The number of available appeals and bosses can also cause a slight disappointment.

Обзор  South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Graphically, South Park: The Fractured But Whole looks like the original series. Three-dimensional inserts look more than organic, and colorful characters and special moves cause only delight, even after a hundredth of the account application.

Despite some roughness, South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a great RPG with a fascinating comedic plot, fun characters, interesting abilities and system for creating artifacts and clothing. Creative approach to the development of game situations and lots of humor make this project one of the best in 2017.


Shenmue 3 – release date and system requirements

					Shenmue 3 –  дата выхода и системные требования игры

The release date of Shenmue 3 is scheduled for 2018 year.
The developers moved the release date from the end of 2017.

  • Series: Shenmue
  • Game designer: Yu Suzuki
  • Platforms: PS4, PC (Win)
  • Developers: YS Net, Neilo
  • Publisher: YS Net, Shibuya Productions, Deep Silver
  • Game engine: Unreal Engine 4

The official website of the game.
Page game in Steam.

System requirements

System requirements have not yet been published by developers.

The first teaser of the game

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 bought more than 1 million times

Divinity: Original Sin 2 купили более 1 млн раз Sale role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin Larian studios 2 exceeded 1 million copies in 2.5 months after release. The game is only available on the PC platform.

The sequel, Divinity: Original Sin was released on September 14. Immediately after release the game has risen to 4th place in the popularity rating Steam. At the peak of attendance at one time played over 86 thousand people.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 — classic role-playing game with turn-based combat system and a lot of dialogs, which influence the development of the plot and further game events.


Fans closed Marvel Heroes Omega require to return the money

Поклонники закрывающейся Marvel Heroes Omega требуют вернуть деньги

A few days ago we talked about the fact that superhero action Marvel Heroes Omega shall not live to the end of the year, because its servers will close on 31 December. Then it was still suggested that spent on micropayments, the money will sink into oblivion, and that nothing can be done about it. But as it turned out, you can do. Namely, to complain.

Massively complaining people sadhatissa the game at the time, and I think the developers of Gazillion Entertainment banal by fraudsters because, if the PC marvel out for a long time, on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just six months ago.

To be honest, anything like remember unable to six months after release, fritupleyka closed, eating all the money invested in it.

Now Marvel Heroes Omega is not available on Steam. Search it does not issue, although servers continue to work, but unlikely to greatly please those who hoped for a long and fruitful use of spent in-game funds.

Alas, to prove that any gamers will likely not succeed, because in the license agreement that nobody reads, probably, was a similar moment.

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EA loses $ 3 billion on Battlefront 2 and quarrels with Disney

EA теряет 3 миллиарда на Battlefront 2 и ссорится с Disney

Especially for those who believe that all these small improvements in the share prices of gaming companies – is nonsense, announce that Electronic Arts, whose share price compared to November, decreased by 8.5% have lost about $ 3 billion. But that’s not all.

According to rumors, the leadership of electronics engineers quarreled with Disney owning the franchise rights to Star Wars. The reason is the adverse publicity and denigration of the brand, because this whole Battlefront 2 is, of course, was reflected in the movie series.

The situation is not even saved for EA the joyful news that FIFA Ultimate Team, where micropayments are in bloom and now earns 800 million per year, and that leading analyst known in the circles of financial and analytical company Cowen and Co, Doug Kreuz, said: “We believe that the time has come to establish standards for the application of micropayments, how to repair a damaged perception from gamers, and to prevent the threat of regulation thereof”. In other words, Mr. Kreuz offers EN masse to all and to introduce in their games of such a system of micropayments, so it was hard to cancel, and so the public gradually get used to new realities.

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