The Elder Scrolls Online – free week and a jackpot of 20 houses

The Elder Scrolls Online – бесплатная неделя и джек-пот из 20-ти домов

In ZeniMax announced the attraction of unprecedented generosity: The Elder Scrolls Online today, and on the 6th of December will be absolutely free. Anyone will be able to load the MMORPG, register, and receive a gift of 500 coins for purchases in-game store.

But that’s not all: for completing random dungeons, the developers promise gifts in the form of some special loot boxes and additional lottery with the main prize in the form of 20 houses or 20 Pets. Those who the jackpot will not get just get from the loot boxes weapons, armor, Pets, and other attributes of happy life within this fantastic world.

As it usually happens with similar action, the game fell by 50%. Right now on Steam for the gold Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online asking 1849 rubles: a lot, but still much cheaper than usual, so that those who wanted to join the project, but still can not solved, have a great opportunity to learn what it’s for TESO is, and whether it is their money.

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