Rumor Red Dead Redemption 2 will loot boxes

Слух – в Red Dead Redemption 2 всё-таки будут лут-боксы

Network flashed a lovely rumour that Red Dead Redemption 2 will loot boxes.

The reason for the hearing is in the speech of the head of Take-Two, Karl Slatoff that has suddenly taken to protect these loot boxes, saying he did not consider them an element of gambling. Instead, they say, fits the definition of “key”. The key is that the players are discovering new opportunities.

Mr. Slatoff wants to explain to us what the sky will likely not blue and the grass, to be quite accurate, not very green. According to him, if the game will be interesting, and from loot boxes will drop really useful things, there are no problems with micropayments at anybody will not arise.

It is noteworthy that in October, Executive Director of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick also talked about loot-boxes, in the sense that it is concerned about the excessively negative perception of this phenomenon.

In General, the smoke without fire does not happen. In Take-Two is clearly preparing the ground, and most likely it is under the RDR 2.

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