PES 2018 – overview Fatima 2017 from Konami

					PES 2018 – обзор футсима 2017 года от Konami

Comes again this time of year. Football season is in full swing and the developers of football simulators provide us with your updated game. But it seems that this year in the gaming community there has been a notable anticipation of new futsimov because neither FIFA nor PES has not made any big statements about any revolutionary new features. This creates a problem for reviewers: to understate the rating the game for what it is very similar to its predecessor, even if the latter was really good? Today’s PES 2018 review will affect this time.

The message innovations

Of course, no one will argue that sports games are quite difficult to be annually supplemented with new elements. Understand that the only reason Sportcity filled up with sequels every year and have a fixed date of exit is the need of the market. People will buy these games no matter what. Though the revolution in improving the game sometimes happen, last time it was with PES 2016.

In last year’s game had added quite a bit new. This year there is the same situation with a lack of ideas. However, it should be noted in the review, PES 2018 as part of the gameplay still feels like the best football game for consoles and PC. The passage of this game brings lots of fun.

					PES 2018 – обзор футсима 2017 года от Konami

From the little that the developers have changed the game in PES 2018 review should be noted downshift in the direction of realism the game speed. Not that last year’s “PES” on the dynamics was similar to tennis, however, put in order the speed in the new game, was able simultaneously to implement a more skilled and precise dribbling. Words to explain the feel of dribbling in the review of PES 2018 is impossible, you will understand only personally played a couple of matches.

The second important innovation is a function of Real Touch+. This feature works very well and allows the player different ways to take the ball any part of the body of the virtual player depending on flight speed and height.

New Pro Evolution Soccer by far bypasses the FIFA 18 on the part of the animation. The movement of footballers have become more fluid and natural, bonding virtually disappeared. It is not surprising that in this year the system requirements of PES have grown several times in comparison with last year.

What else should not be skipped in the review of PES 2018 is that in multiplayer mode you can now play 3 on 3 with friends or random players.

PES and licenses

The only advantage that has always been the “FIFA” game over overlooked with regards to annual sequels is at least, what “FIFE” one can forgive many flaws in a persistent update commands. So the game justifies its existence. At the same time wait for the custom patch for Manchester United and other teams in the PES to finally see the real compositions of football clubs is so-so prospect.

The lack of official licenses does not affect the quality of gameplay, and still is the main reason why Pro Evolution Soccer can’t get to the level of sales “FIFY”. To be fair, the latter seems terribly unfair, considering the fact that “PES” feels like the gameplay has always been better than the creation of Electronic Arts.

Summary of PES 2018 review

To sum up a little review of PES 2018. Sometimes the new “PES” seems indistinguishable from its predecessor, but at a slower realistic gameplay and improved controls make PES 18 undoubtedly the best game of the series. In addition, there are some useful improvements in the Master League, as well as excellent graphics, physics and animation. Let the game in contrast to the “FIFY” and not fully licensed, but the gaming experiences it is clearly a cut above.

Game trailer from E3

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