Doom VFR ahead of release still looks pretty bad

Doom VFR накануне релиза всё ещё выглядит неважно

Doom VFR comes out tomorrow, the 1st December, but despite this, the game looks just as bad as a month ago.

Doom VFR is adapted to the virtual reality helmets of the last Doom, with a completely different story, a different hero other levels. Invited to play for the scientist, who was killed during the invasion of evil spirits, but preserved consciousness inside a computer system station, which allowed him to move into the robot and to repulse the enemy.

Main gripe with the game rescourse movement, difficulty with maneuvering to Dodge the shots, too arcade shooting and still lost the texture of the weapons. And it is unlikely the situation will save the addition of a few classic maps.

But Bethesda seems to have finally decided to move all their games to the needs of virtual reality helmets, which didn’t get how whatever good projects, really became hits in their field.

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