Announced remaster Battlezone 2

Анонсирован ремастер Battlezone 2

Older gamers hooked game turn zero recall shooter Battlezone 2, which at one time competed with itself is Unreal. So, this game will get a remaster that was announced by Studio Rebellion.

Updated Battlezone 2, with new textures will be released next year, it seems, only on the PC. And, by the way, there will be multiplayer for up to 14 people with support of cloud technologies and cooperative game between the owners of GOG and the Steam version. Support for mods is going to be available.

For those interested as soon as possible to join the classics, we inform you that on the website Rebellion is a set wishing to get on the closed beta. You must register and wait (if you’re lucky) invitation key.

Battlezone 2 is one of the best games of 1999 year, developed the still-existing Big Boat Interactive, which continues to contend on this franchise, releasing in 2016 a strategy Battlezone 98 Redux, brought together in the Steam 91% positive reviews.

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