Aloha, Alol: review Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon are essentially the same Pokemon that come out every few years with improvements to modernize the franchise.

Diamond and Pearl in 2007 were the first steps to demonstrate the capabilities of Pokémon on a console with two screens. In Black and White surroundings became clearer, the pokemon began to move in battle. Graphics even more prettier in X and Y: battle pokemon become three-dimensional, improved the portrayal of the characters. Sun and Moon got rid of the stadiums and their coaches in favor of more exciting and long adventure.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

I apologize for the terrible quality of the screenshots. Nintendo closed the service Miiverse, through which it was possible to make them. And hack my 3DS I do not want.

Disadvantages of Sun and Moon was uncomplicated formulaic narrative and habit of the game to drive the player’s hand in the simplest of moments. Coming a year later, Sun Ultra and Ultra Moon offered was enough to cause a desire to look at the game a second time.

From the first minute most surprising visual changes: vegetation is now bigger, juicier colour and lively scurrying everywhere local. In the sky birds fly, on the ground stretch the shadows, and the camera always tries to show us that there in the distance.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

Musical themes are amazing, and the melodies and rhythms of each new city is not boring.

The basic structure of the Sun and Moon remained the same. Are you a trainer pokemon in a new tropical region of Alol. Traveling through the Islands, you make friends, make enemies, go through tests of increasing complexity. Mini-games and battle here reveals its full potential.

In the mini-game Mantine Surf you control the Mantyn, performing tricks and taming the crests of the waves. The photo club Ally you can take a picture with the chosen pokemon. If you’re only familiar with older games in the series, such things will be new.

In the beginning of the game “pokédex” will improve the pokémon Roth, and it will be a “roomdecor”. You would be able to establish a relationship, and he even starts to speak with you, but also ask questions when you get to know each other better.

In General, Pokémon Ultra Ultra Sun and Moon there is a growing emphasis on the interaction with pokemon, whether it be simple games or doing side tasks like searching for hidden pokémon or capture this species.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

At first the Islands changes quite a bit. Reworked some of the testing. One of them will ask you to find ingredients for dishes, but with totem pokemon to fight still have. And this time players will be able to get the totem creatures (large versions of normal pokemon) in his collection.

On wormholes now you can move in ultra-space (and thus catch legendary pokemon from previous games). I was promised a different pokemonov, but actually in the game not so much. Catch all — quite feasible task.

Action Ultra Sun Moon faster and goes directly to the game, but not as fast as I would like to have experienced players. Now the coaches will choose the first pokemon almost immediately, without any need to watch the cut scenes and get to know the characters.

Алоха, Алола: обзор Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

The plot in General has become better, has a good study of the characters and clever references to older games in the series. Cons: the answers in the dialogues have almost no effect on development, and your character is always smiling, even when everything around is scared or upset. And patience to the third island, the game stops being so linear.

We can safely recommend Ultra Sun and Moon anyone who missed the previous part. But despite the fact that in the game a lot, I can’t say that the sequel will immediately appeal to fans of the series. The game starts slowly, the first stages skip will not work. But if you get involved, the game will find enough content made with attention to detail.

Everyone needs to decide for themselves whether to return to the Alol. It’s not a huge update in the franchise, which we are waiting. On the horizon looms a new part for the Switch, and probably Ultra Sun and Moon is the latest exclusive “Pokemon” in the line of Nintendo DS.