A Review Of Farpoint

Обзор  Farpoint

Hype for virtual reality is gradually eroding, but PS4 continues to out various projects for the gadget PSVR. The company Sony , in conjunction with independent Studio Impulse Gear, founded by former employees of Electronic Arts, offers to be in the body of the pilot of the space Shuttle and go on a dangerous adventure through an alien world in search of a missing scientific expedition.

Обзор  Farpoint

Before the game you are offered to be the camera calibration PlayStation and designed specifically for VRshooter from the first person controller aiming PSVR. It is similar to the monolithic machine, in which is mounted a modified version of the PS Move and navigation controller, and several new buttons. The device comes as part of a special bundle with the game, which is released at a price of 6 000 rubles.

If you wish, you can play Farpoint on the DualShock 4, but given the overall concept, to shoot huge beetles with a light gun significantly more interesting. Developers are asked to move away from the camera and stand on the glowing spot on the ground, to determine the dominant hand and to choose growth. That’s right – Farpoint implies that you will stand, not sit. In a sitting position the game is difficult to track the position of the controller, if it is in the bottom of the screen, which is very strange considering how well it works Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood.

Обзор  Farpoint

After quite a long introduction in which you introduce the characters in a non-interactive scene in the first person, you go to another planet and start looking for survivors. The authors are trying to copy a scene action, and so instead of dynamic Thira, you are just traveling through the corridor deserted locations, examining the pieces of the shattered space station.

The control is made closer to a standard first-person shooter, so you need to move manually, using one of the analogues of the new controller. This in turn causes the feeling of motion sickness, and over time – nausea, especially when reversing, which greatly disappoints and discourages play. The game resets the progress in the case of exit to main menu, so you have to overcome nausea and to close the episode or start the next run.

Обзор  Farpoint

Fortunately, to the level of ruthless bagged in last year’s Robinson: The Journey does not reach. The authors try to create conditions so that you do not have to unfold – even the enemies that can jump you back, come back, but in fact the standard structure leads to the fact that you really want to explore the surroundings.

In the options prudently left rotation feature through the flickering, which can be a lifesaver for many gamers.

On the other hand, the authors of the game clearly should have taken into account the specifics of VR, to simplify the mechanics and focus on dynamic dash with a fixed camera and automatic movement, as did the developers of Rush of Blood.

Обзор  Farpoint

Enemies at Farpoint look like beetles of different shapes and sizes. Some pretty fast and prefer frontal attacks, others you fill up with mucus from a distance. In the latter case, you need time to shoot down flying through the arc of the projectile so as not to damage.

A game heavy armored “tanks”, huge beetles with a hard shell, the destruction of which will have to switch to a strong shotgun. In this case, it is necessary to raise the machine up as if you get a second weapon, which hangs from the character on the back. It does not always work, so you have the support button “Triangle”.

Обзор  Farpoint

When you overheat the main gun, you can quickly switch to the shotgun. The latter, in turn, is recharged manually. Timely switching between trunks and the control of overheating based local battle system.

The weapons also have a secondary fire mode, like firing a rocket or grenade that can be useful if you are attacked by several larger opponents. Extra shells should be selected for locations. Given the bellboy the environment, they are hard to miss.

Обзор  Farpoint

Standard shooter mechanics by the standards of the genre, but thanks to VR , you get an additional dip. It is a pity that unlike Resident Evil 7 or Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood, the developers at Farpoint does not create the necessary tension, forcing you to run empty and devoid of interesting events locations, where almost nothing happens.

Theoretically dilute the gloom had holograms of characters that when scanning start scripting a scene in the style of Half-Life 2. But the script is primitive and dull, the characters destroy any desire to follow the development of history. All of these scenes only delay the time, depriving you of the dynamics and the desire to move on.

Обзор  Farpoint

Not without technical problems. Sometimes the game can run screensaver in which you fall through the ground, the button Options for the alignment of the frame in PSVR does not work and you are forced to watch the events somewhere from under the floor.

On the third level Farpoint malfunctions resulting in part of the buttons in the menu have stopped working, the weapon slid somewhat to the left and aim was impossible.

It is also worth noting that the opponents like to fall in the pit and shoot the wall, but it only simplifies your life.

Обзор  Farpoint

Graphically, the game looks decent, sometimes delighting beautiful and atmospheric landscapes uncharted planet. The damage effects look good, but sometimes you can see bad loading of textures, terrible models heroes without space suits and washed the shells of huge beetles. Although in General it is good by the standards of the VR level. In turn, music is not remembered.

Despite our hopes, Farpoint was primitive, boring and not the most interesting shooter that lacks dynamics and is not the best way works with PSVR, disappointing even on the back of an outstanding start line of the device. If you want fun to shoot with glasses virtual reality, it is best to pay attention to Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood, provided that you have not played the spin-off of the popular youth horror film. As for the Farpoint, the final rating could be lower if not for the quality Aim Controllerthat comes in the kit.