Overview of iron from Canyon — mouse Hazard CND-SGM6N and gaming headset Corax CND-SGHS5

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5 Recently we got multiple gaming devices from Dutch Canyon, which produces a budget device with very steep characteristics. In this review, we discuss mouse Canyon Hazard CND-SGM6N and headset for immersive game Canyon CND-SGHS5. Both devices have a beautiful design and great features. Well, let’s see what they are.

Mouse Canyon Hazard CND-SGM6N

The design of the device leaves quite a good impression. “Fire” illumination is on the sides of the device and intersects the mouse in the lower part, selecting the block with weights. This unit allows you to adjust the mouse weight by removing/adding small dice 5 grams each (total of four). It’s a pretty useful feature, as the device itself can seem quite heavy. Especially if you used a smaller standard mouse.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5  Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

By the way, complete with a mouse along with a small user guide is still going, and a bright sticker. Although some people prefer may be a special bonus of the Canyon — the gems, and bonuses for players of Tanki Online cost 3 times more than the cost of the device.

On ergonomics issues no. If you use the mouse the same shape, then this model will sit in your hand like a native. Special side panel for your thumb and a well regulated balance take some of the load, which can especially be felt in the long game is a shooter that requires a lot of precise and quick movements.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5  Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

The tactile sensation of contact with the mouse is quite nice due to the special technology of dual coating “Twin surface”. The only but — this coating is very easily soiled. It will be difficult to maintain the perfect condition of the device, especially if you don’t like and don’t want to fuck around here.

The Assembly of the device is good enough, and can not be afraid that after a week of using this mouse the buttons will start to luftig, and device — to fall apart. The cord has a ferrite filter to suppress interference and crisp, bright cover, which can protect it from accidental damage but can be a little short. If the system unit is standing right next to you, the cord length is enough, otherwise you may have a problem.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Mouse Canyon rising is equipped with nine different buttons. On the left side in the area of jurisdiction of the thumb are buttons “Forward” and “Back” to scroll through the pages in the browser, double-click button and button “Win+D” to minimize all Windows. Directly beneath the scroll there are two keys to increase/decrease the DPI.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

But what really interested me is the custom DPI setting from 800 to 6400, with a large number of intermediate values. In this price range difficult to find a mouse with such high accuracy. Besides, on the website Canyon you can download special software to control an even greater pool settings specifically for this model. The program weighs a bit, is fast, and generally intuitive, but when you select the Russian language a little sboyat fonts, and not all the labels become readable.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Well, the extra feature of a mouse is a small amount of internal memory. You will be able to save various configurations of keys for each your favorite game separately.

The main and perhaps the only drawback I found hiding in the strange noise from the device that even something like a squeak, Yes, the mouse can squeak, it’s hard to argue, but it is a defect, and I discovered it quite by accident. The noise is very weak and audible only at very close approximation to the device. Perhaps this is because I was lucky with the copy, but fact is fact.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5  Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Hazard Canyon CND-SGM6N falls into the category of devices to 1000. Given its characteristics, good build, nice design, a lot of buttons and their settings — this is a very worthy choice that will appeal to even very experienced gamers.

Gaming headset Corax Canyon CND-SGHS5

Moving on to the next device “for immersive gameplay” — headset Canyon CND-SGHS5. For a truly immersive headphones must comply with many parameters. At such a budget price range personally I have never met. And data the representative was not an exception, although in many respects this is a very good model.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Again start with design is probably the best aspect of this headset. Bright color, compact size, light weight, good build, and soft led lighting leave a very pleasant feeling. It is not clear why the side mounts of the ear pads cover almost all the illumination, greatly reducing the visible part of it. The logo Canyon, no doubt, also looks good, but the effect of the backlight is much stronger.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5  Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Taking the headset in his hands and starting her first “test”, there was a feeling that the design is at least assembled and very good, especially it won’t last. No, the headphones won’t fall apart after a couple of uses, and even after several months can stay like new, but you should accidentally drop them once and there is a high probability that you’ll have to go for a new one. There is no feeling of reliability, while its absence is compensated by the ease of the device.

As indicated by the manufacturer, the headset needs to create additional comfort during prolonged use. Although the ear pads are large enough and made of good material, they are my ears tired pretty quickly, requesting a little time out to “cool off”. While the adjustable handle itself sticks in the correct position and from this point we can really talk about comfort. Putting everything together, it turns out that this device does not cause discomfort in small play sessions, not withstanding a particularly long marathons.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Also, this device is equipped with a special remote control that allows you to change the volume level and enable/disable the microphone. Through me passed different headsets, including the premium segment, and not all have this feature, although it is very useful. By the way, this remote, I have met a few times at the Chinese representatives with aliexpress, and taking one of the “carp”, I found a complete identity both in form and Assembly. In the meantime, cord this headset, as in the case of the mouse Hazard, covered with a thick robust braided.

And most importantly — sound quality. It is really good, even if we talk about the bass. Although at high frequencies appeared small flaws, visible only if very strongly to want. The recording quality of sound is average. You will hear quite clearly, but somewhat muffled, as if you are some distance away from the microphone.

 Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5  Обзор железа от Canyon — мышь Hazard CND-SGM6N и игровая гарнитура Corax CND-SGHS5

Corax Canyon CND-SGHS5 is a good headset in your budget class. If you appreciate style or simply want to enjoy a quiet evening any intimate toy, it will fit perfectly.

For the purchase of gaming devices from the Canyon players will be awarded with valuable bonuses in T…

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Sony PlayStation 5 cook another 3 years

Sony будет готовить PlayStation 5 ещё 3 года

After statements by the head of Sony about the fact that the history of the PlayStation 4 is nearing completion, the Japanese company decided to bring some clarity.

First, no new console announcements at E3. Secondly, the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2021, the year. Because the President of Sony, John Coder said that at training they need exactly 3 years. And it’s even slightly exceeds expectations, expecting to 2020-th year. Hence, GTA 6 along with the Cyberpunk also need to wait for this deadline. It is unlikely that the projects of such scale would risk releasing on a console that in a few months will become irrelevant. But until the PS 4 owners can exhale and just let it play at least another three years.

To exhale, but to understand that no matter what plans Sony have been hatched against the PlayStation 5, it can dramatically shift the terms of the release, if Microsoft decides to release a new Xbox before the estimated time.

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Earthfall will be released in July

Earthfall выйдет в июле

Became known release date of the final version of the cooperative shooter Earthfall. The release of the game on the 15th of July.

On this day, the project will receive two single-player campaign with 10 missions each, the range of enemies will be expanded, as well as in established performance.

Along with this there will be versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, additional modes and new tasks. Well, the most important thing: the cost of the game will jump two times, and if now for an early version of asking for 350 rubles, after the release, apparently, it will have to about seven hundred. So, if you respect the cooperative postrelushki in the style of Left-4-Dead, and playing everything coming out in this genre, consider to save money now and not pay later.

Earthfall at the moment Steam has a 78% positive reviews. The game has been praised for its graphics, interesting design and vigorous fights. Blamed for problems with optimization, small online and the lack of Russian localization, which seems to come in and make the final release.

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The Creator of Kingdom Come Deliverance complains of harassment by disgruntled gamers

Создатель Kingdom Come Deliverance жалуется на преследование со стороны недовольных геймеров

Daniel of Varvi, according to rumors, ran into trouble in his personal life after his Studio has released Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Since then, allegedly, he has no peace from his pursuers, for which he was even forced to cancel performances, and simply to avoid appearing in public places.

In particular, he was to arrive at an event called Gamelab Barcelona 2018, but was forced to withdraw by sending to the organizers a letter. The reason – the accusations of racism and misogyny, which by European standards is a reason for public harassment. And all because in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was not of blacks and militant women, which, however, entirely fair. However, the pan Varva, so dopeklo questions on this subject that forced him roughly several times to speak, which only heated the situation even more.

However, perhaps not all that bad, because at the conference of game designers in Poland, which last Monday, he finally spoke.

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Black Ops 4 swung on record PUBG and Fortnite

Black Ops 4 замахнулась на рекорд PUBG и Fortnite

And again, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gave news about it. It was provided by the developers, which I shared. It turns out that they expect to wipe, and then to break records and PUBG Fortnite.

Of course, implying monetary record, Treyarch it took about the record number of the record content and interesting gameplay. Literally there said: “Frankly, we believe that we can do a Battle Royale better than the rest. We have a huge library of content, collected over 10 years of franchise history. We have the best multiplayer, so we’re not particularly worried about this, and the only thing that bothers us: it’s to make the damn thing turned out as the best.”

Pretty presumptuous, don’t you think? Especially considering how monotonous was the network skirmishes in the last part of the Call of duty. But fans of the series, of course, need to hope for the best.

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will take place on 12 October.

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The rumor is the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Слух – грядёт анонс Horizon Zero Dawn 2

It seems that Guerrilla Games has begun development of Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

This can be argued on the basis of sharply intensified activities of the company’s HR Department, which EN masse has posted a bunch of new jobs, the description of which gives no chance for doubt: new Horizon Zero Dawn has already begun.

Applicants will have to work on RPG with open world, an abundance of dialogue, to engage in the structuring of the plot, and put forward convincing ideas for quests and factional backgrounds. But, why not the guys, responsible for the development of the fighting? But because they are in the team and so it is. But with the writers was the problem, because Guerrilla Games has long complained that Horizon Zero Dawn did not get a huge number of quests, dialogue and entire storylines. And that, they say that content is not lost, it promises to introduce in the sequel that we are now witnessing.

So, it may well be that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 easily announce at E3, fortunately, a lot of effort for this is not necessary: a few seconds of video and subsequent hot speech about what it will be a great game.

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Announced the release dates of the Islands of Nyne – a new shooter with a Royal Battle

Объявлены сроки выхода Islands of Nyne – нового шутера с Королевской Битвой

The hysteria around the Royal rumble continues to produce genre networking shooters. This time was shown a full-fledged game called Islands of Nyne, which will arrive in early access on Steam this summer.

She has several distinctive features. There’s no third-person: from the first. The weapons and the kit is made strictly in a futuristic style, while the surrounding landscape is a pristine nature reserve. Thus, players will have a very limited inventory, which is not a lot to cram, and the gameplay itself will be Navico-oriented. Traditional 100 people on the island with the narrowed area is in the kit. This is all done on the Unreal engine 4, and has no plans to go on consoles.

The project page is already available on Steam, which says that localization is what is expected for only one English, which is in early access the game will be about a year, until at the start will be available one card, but then their range will expand, and that this project won one of the contests for the title of Indie games 2017.

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The release strategy Ancestors Legacy

Состоялся релиз стратегии Ancestors Legacy

Blood-brutal strategy Ancestors Legacy came out, and got feedback from the press and gamers.

Although, frankly, journalists, for some reason, ignored the project, preferring to discuss the next skins for Fortnite and update for Pokemon GO. But those who paid attention, put in General good ratings in the area 8 points, noting the great atmosphere of the Dark ages, really good, not just for the sake of the plot, with emphasis in the study of history and battles, mention of which is in the same Wikipedia. Not like Western reviewers translation and voice.

Steam is now the project is 95% extremely glowing reviews from citizens happy that got a fresh breath in the strategic genre, on the background of shortages.

In Ancestors Legacy, though there are several campaigns for the Slavs, Germans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. But the developers themselves admit that the greatest attention was paid to the Vikings, which I love the most.

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In Take-Two were forbidden to carry Red Dead Redemption 2 again

В Take-Two запретили переносить Red Dead Redemption 2 снова

CEO of Take-Two has hinted at the fact that Rockstar had plans to move Red Dead Redemption 2 again, with the coming fall at an unknown time. All because “the game runs a 1000 people and all 1000 puts it in their heart.”

In other words, people see opportunities for improvement, and willing to improve the game again and again, that they need time because the ideal can be pursued indefinitely. However, Mr. Zelnick made it clear: no more transfers. Creative urges – creative impulses, and financial aspects has not been canceled, so wait to the fall.

All that Mr Zelnick said after the question of the journalist about the numerous transfers, they say, how will this affect the quality of the game? It was reflected, as expected, very good. And if the game was released last fall, it would not have been able to provide gameplay that quality, which it will be possible to squeeze in the future.

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About announced for PS4 controller with advanced functionality

 Для PS4 анонсирован про-контроллер с расширенным функционалом The company SCUF Gaming has announced a new professional controller for the PlayStation 4, which was called Vantage SCUF Controller. The controller will have asymmetrical sticks, and many more functions.

 Для PS4 анонсирован про-контроллер с расширенным функционалом

Vantage SCUF controller for the PS4 will go on sale this summer at a price of $170 (about 10 500 rubles) for the version with a cord and $200 (around 12 300 rubles) for the wireless version.

 Для PS4 анонсирован про-контроллер с расширенным функционалом

The features of the SCUF controller for PS4 Vantage:

  • Side buttons “Sax” for extra comfort and control;
  • Detachable faceplate;
  • The ability to adjust the sound volume of the touch panel controller;
  • Removable modules vibration. Players can reduce the weight of the controller;
  • Asymmetric rear sticks;
  • Button for quick reassignment of the configuration;
  • Opportunities for customization of the controller;
  • Adjustable triggers;
  • Removable cross;
  • A special ring for the analog sticks.

Given that the PS4 is not sold by Elite-controller for Xbox One, SCUF Controller Vantage could be an interesting purchase for some gamers.

Sony patented a new controller for PlayStation VRДля Xbox One launch controller for people with limited vozmozhnostjami compact controllers for PS4

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