In PUBG it will be possible to choose the cards

В PUBG появится возможность выбирать карты

4 months after the appearance of the map Miramar, Bluehole announced that PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds will receive a choice of cards, and save the players from accidentally landing sometimes go where they are not wanted.

Talking about the addition of this tool was carried out for a long time, and a lot of people expect to have choices, but their hopes were dashed. And now, when comes the release of the new map jungle with underground tunnels and water-filled caves, the opportunity to choose the location for the future combat enters.

Why not introduce such a function immediately? On this subject the developers said they had to first study the statistics and to understand, will it be a choice of cards, someone’s rights or not. It turned out that will not break, and wanting to play on different maps full.

PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds many months remained as game one card that caught the fancy of players the most and where the shooter was mistakenly considered to Russian. But now that he had the “Mexican” and “South American” card, talk about the “Russian developers” had ended.

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The struggle of Roskomnadzor and Telegram ruined the life of Russian gamers

Борьба Роскомнадзора и Telegram испортила жизнь российских геймеров

The struggle of Roskomnadzor Telegram takes some terrible turns. At the moment the regulator has blacklisted more than 18 million IP addresses, and does not think to stop, because, according to rumors, it is only 5% of the total share that can be used by Telegram.

Moreover, the lock is not a point but on the area. Are banned the entire subnet, including those that have on the web hosting services of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others. Because of this gamers of Russia have already started to experience serious problems: thousands of people lost access to Twitch, for many were blocked service ceased to operate the popular service GwentUP used by fans Guinta, and more. Also from the field report on problems with the launch of PUBG, Fortnite, Path of Exile and other online games. If it goes on, if the chips by cutting the virtual forest will continue to fly at the same speed, then it is possible that problems will appear in Youtube, Steam, Origin, shell, and other services, tightly tied to the gaming sphere. And this, of course, very bad.

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Robot Alexa learned how to insult fans of Call of Duty WW2

Робот Alexa научился оскорблять поклонников Call of Duty WW2

Activision has taught a robot to Amazon Alexa comment on the battle in Call of Duty: WW2, which ultimately turned out to be not so useful, but fun, and at times controversial.

The method: Alex monitors, and analyzes statistics of the player. Then, after a battle, the gamer can ask the robot a question, asking something like: “Alex, tell me how I spent my last match?” to which he will give a General evaluation, pointing out weaknesses, and suggest how to improve their skills.

And everything would be okay, but “Try to exercise more”, stupid robot, nothing advises, but does not skimp on criticism, humiliating the players after the rather successful battles. In the end, many have already managed to talk about the fact that he loved Alex, incapable of constructive criticism, or just useless and giving the same advice. However, this robot is suspected of intolerance of others ‘ weaknesses – nothing compared to your friend who would sit beside him on the sofa, and talked about what he thinks about you and your game.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will be revolutionary

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 будет революционной

From the field there continue to be indications that the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be revolutionary and this revolution, fans of the series will likely not like it.

That the game has no single player campaign, said several sources. While there is talk of a fundamentally new approach to the franchise, which the game will turn into something like Call of Duty Lawbreakers or Call of Duty Overwatch.

As reported by one of the testers, gameplay Black Ops 4 will be based on the struggle of the characters that will grow on a formula similar to the one that was in Black Ops 3. From the game almost completely removed the perks, and the kill-strikes have completely altered. Testers were shocked by this vision, so the developers made some changes, removing constraints of throughput, however, as reported from the field, this decision is not final.

From final until confirmed: the lack of campaign, zombie mode, Battle Royal with the restrictions and the network battle similar to Overwatch.

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The Witcher from Netflix problems with the selection of actors

У Ведьмака от Netflix сложности с подбором актёров

Arrived the news of the Witcher from Netflix, which is already uncomfortable to be called “future”, because the project goes at a snail’s pace, and the first episode we will see, at best, in 2020 year.

So, for starters, it turned out that the first season, if it is approved after public reaction to the pilot episode, will be 8 episodes. Whether this includes the pilot’s accession is unknown.

But that’s not all. Vice President, Netflix, Kelly Loganbill, said that producers have some problems with finding the actors, because we do not want unknown and known not want us. The thing is that in the film adaptation of video games particularly wanting to do Hollywood stars seem to have gone. Well, okay – said to be fans. Because, Geralt just like Keanu Reeves and Mads Mikkelsen, who, incidentally, starred in the Stranding Death from Kojima. So why not to take unknown, but similar actors? This rhetorical question will remain unanswered.

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In the Netherlands wants to ban FIFA 18 and PUBG

В Нидерландах хотят запретить FIFA 18 и PUBG

The government of the Netherlands recalled the protracted confrontation between supporters and opponents lalbekov, saying that sides of the second, because it believes this element is one of the options of gambling entertainment.

Moreover, to the Netherlands went further than the others, authorizing the examination of this phenomenon, in which it was found that four of the five positions, luchbox fall under the definition of gambling.

After that Supervisory authority has warned all game publishers working in the territory of the country that produce these games without permission is prohibited. Well, for those who have litbox already have, you need up to 20 June to take measures to bring their luchboxes in accordance with the law. Otherwise, the developers will issue a fine, or even block all of their products.

So far the list includes FIFA 18, Dota 2, PUBG, and Rocket League. But apparently, the list will be updated.

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VR Kanojo – Steam clone appeared Summer Lesson

VR Kanojo – в Steam появился клон Summer Lesson

Steam has landed an unusual game, which, perhaps, in a short time, removing from there. It is called VR Kanojo, being, in fact, a clone of erotic simulator Summer Lesson, the order of the sensational last year.

Game is seriously surprised at the cost: 2,700 rubles, despite the fact that it contains a symbolic single player campaign, which can be completed in 10 minutes without seeing anything interesting. The rest are invited to Stoke on the official project website and following the instructions to unlock the content which would be banned in Steam. It is understood that administration already receives complaints from users about policy violations for the service, so stay VR Kanojo on this site may be interrupted at any moment.

The creators of VR Kanojo, unlike the creators of Summer Lesson or Happy Manager not to hedge, and to invent a story about school lessons or on the work of the superintendent, and at once proceeded to the main point: that your girl agree on everything. In General, it’s exactly what the Japanese love.

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The creators of Warhammer 40K Inquisitor unfortunate joke about the harsh working conditions

Создатели Warhammer 40K Inquisitor неудачно пошутили о тяжёлых условиях труда

In the Hungarian NeocoreGames have announced the release of the action role-playing Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor-Martyr, who was supposed to come out in may for a few weeks. And all anything, Yes only with this in the Studio said they would have to work 90 hours a week, to finish the game.

As it turned out, those same 90 hours (18 hours a day, except Saturday and Sunday) turned out to be a joke that de looked appropriate in Hungarian and in English caused an uproar among the public, where there were those who keenly follow the labour regulations in the studios, and immediately begin to talk about the unbearable working conditions that may seriously hurt the reputation of the protagonists.

In the end, it is possible that NeocoreGames really will plow tirelessly from dawn to dusk, but the public don’t want to. Very few people like to play the game, knowing that it was created at someone else’s suffering.

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Trailer LEGO The Incredibles (video)

Трейлер LEGO The Incredibles (видео)

Superheroes from the fantastic family Parr returned. This happens almost simultaneously with the movie premiere. In the blockbuster LEGO The Incredibles are extremely different from each other family members to find a common language and to establish teamwork, to cope with the difficult challenges.

Gameplay LEGO The Incredibles Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games showed in the trailer. In it we see how the heroes of the famous novels Disney Pixar helping each other to bridge the gap, not to fall under the laser beams and not to be burned alive.

The release will be on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch 15 June 2018. And the premiere of the animated feature “the Incredibles 2” will be held on June 14.