The creators of Ghost of Tsushima talked about “the study of the historical roots”

Создатели Ghost of Tsushima рассказали об «исследовании исторических корней»

Very interesting are the everyday work of the action creators Ghost of Tsushima who want to make not just interesting, but also most likely the game without ideological slop and political promises.

So, creative producer at Sucker Punch Productions, Nate Fox, said that they have twice traveled to the island of Tsushima, and a lot of contact with different experts, studying in detail all the questions, starting with how a samurai holding a katana, to how he drinks sake. Experts on religion in those years also were interviewed.

Still, Mr. Fox said: “We really want the Mongols invaded Japan, was not cardboard villains. We want to make them multifaceted and three-dimensional in the literal and figurative senses. The presence of their leader Kotan Khan is the most worrying moment for us, because in his own opinion he is a hero, and rights in their actions with their own, internal point of view”.

It sounds great, and leaves us to regret that this game, at least for now, no plans to go on anything besides the PlayStation 4.

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New teaser Fear the Wolves (video)

Новый тизер Fear the Wolves (видео)

Company Vostok Games has released a new teaser of their “battle Royale” Fear the Wolves. In it, the developers have clearly shown the influence of weather on gameplay. Rain and fog, for example, will impair visibility, wind — to reduce the shooting accuracy, and storm — to change the trajectory of the requested supplies and to interfere with the traffic during the heat of the various drugs will be worse to act.

The authors have promised to release Fear the Wolves in early access on Steam before the end of this summer. Initially, the project was supposed to come out in July, but due to various bugs closed continues to be tested and refined.


Disclosed new details Outward: RPG in an open world

Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире

Deep Silver and Nine Dots with Maximum Games have announced the joint development of a very entertaining game called Outward, which is due out on PC and big consoles in the next year.

Outward – action role-playing open world with very difficult fights. The fact that the main character – adventurer and adventurer – has no outstanding features, and has as much health and power as the average enemy. Therefore, survival in wild lands filled with magic and evil, is not a trivial task.

There will be a single player campaign and co-op, and full multiplayer. The split screen mode, incidentally, also promises to be available. A huge world will be divided into multiple environments with their inhabitants, characteristics and problems.

New gameplay, no one showed, but dumped a series of screenshots, which shows that the game is not going to conquer us graphical beauty, however, has all chances to succeed, if developers will be able to bring in really interesting fights and interesting world.

  • Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире
  • Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире
  • Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире
  • Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире
  • Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире
  • Раскрыты новые подробности Outward: RPG в открытом мире

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Xbox controller Phantom Black Special Edition made in a transparent case”

Microsoft Corp. next month will start selling the original controller for Xbox One X Xbox One’s and Xbox One.

Контроллер Xbox Phantom Black Special Edition выполнен в прозрачном корпусе"

The manipulator has the name Phantom Black Special Edition. Its main feature is the use of a transparent housing through which visible internal structure.

Контроллер Xbox Phantom Black Special Edition выполнен в прозрачном корпусе"

There is a 3.5 mm stereo phone Jack to which you can directly connect a gaming headset. The wireless Bluetooth adapter allows you to play on personal computers and tablets with Windows 10.

Контроллер Xbox Phantom Black Special Edition выполнен в прозрачном корпусе"

The new configuration provides a responsive, mini-joysticks, d-pad and buttons.

Taking pre-orders for the Xbox controller Phantom Black Special Edition has already started: the novelty is available at an estimated price of US $ 70. Actual delivery will start on September 11.

Контроллер Xbox Phantom Black Special Edition выполнен в прозрачном корпусе"


Rune game prepares for early access on Steam

Игра Rune готовится к раннему доступу в Steam

A year ago, the Studio Human Head, which in 2000 released the Rune, announced the continuation of the game, dubbed it as Rune: Ragnarok. But soon they decided to change the name and eventually the old version was called: Rune Classic, and just a new Rune. And today on its official website, the developers announced that in September, the Rune will appear in early access on Steam. At the moment the closed beta test.

The developers presented a new trailer that shows what will be available to the player in Steam after downloading the game. In this version they added only a small part of the content. In principle, all projects are about in the same mode. Map and all locations are also initially be significantly less than planned. Players will also be available in PvP mode and co-op.

For those who do not know, Rune is a game with reference to the Scandinavian theme, where the main plot are mighty warriors, the Vikings. A large number of weapons, designed the PvP modes, the possibility of throwing everything that comes handy, a vast open world and an interesting plot. All this awaits you in Rune in September.

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GTA 5 Online has been an interesting update

В GTA 5 Online вышло интересное обновление

GTA 5 Online came another addition, which will dilute the current content and adds a large number of new features. And the most pleasant of them is a multifunctional mobile headquarters Terrorbyte from the familiar hacker page. With a mobile center you can manage all your businesses, no matter where they were. This is very useful when you have multiple companies and need to constantly buy raw materials for them. And as the recent content in GTA 5 add much, and the number of businesses is growing pretty quickly.

Also there was a modification to a jet bike – Opressor Mk II. It is a universal transport, which can be improved only in the mobile headquarters. It is very useful in missions when you need to quickly catch a target or to deliver a crushing blow from the air. Terrorbyte is stored in the underground garage of your club. In addition, Rockstar have added 6 new tasks of the clients, which can be obtained in the control center, discounts on transport and the modifications in the amount of 30% and an additional discount of 25% on real estate and renovations.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth ahead of Fortnite in Twitch

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth обогнала Fortnite в Twitch

A long time project Fortnite was able to take first place among the most popular games on the Twitch, but this title took over the game from Blizzard, World of Warcraft. After patch Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard’s game managed to overtake the Royal battle is almost 2.5 times! And this immediately after the additions!

Do World of Warcraft a large number of fans, and as soon as new content released, the hype around the project is growing with rapid speed, because the game is already over 14 years, and despite such a long time, this is one of the most popular MMO in the world. At the moment it is difficult to predict how long it will stay World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in the TOP 1 Twitch. Most likely, once most of the content is passed, the hype will subside. Now there are players who managed to obtain 120 level.

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On PS4 you can already play Warface

На PS4 уже можно поиграть в Warface

We have previously reported that shareware shooter Warface is preparing for the announcement on the consoles Play Station 4. If you can’t wait and want to play a shooter now, you can buy one of the sets of the founders and to access. The official announcement of the game will take place on 18 September. The developers promise to add 4 different updates, which are 5 operations, three modes and over 40 different maps for multiplayer.

One of the missions is the operation called “Pripyat”. About the others is not known. However, many players expect from Warface popular mode is Battle Royale, which, incidentally, also will add soon! This is the kind of standard – add all the games the battle Royale to interest your audience and to attract more attention to the project. According to many gaming publications after the release of Warface on console audience of the game will expand significantly. And if the developers will add the ability to pass the missions with the different platforms in the cooperative, then such a move and did move the game to the masses.

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Player WoW: Battle for Azeroth has reached level 120 in less than 5 hours

Игрок WoW: Battle for Azeroth достиг 120 уровня менее чем за 5 часов

New addition World of Warcraft earned less than a day ago, and some players have already reached the new ceiling of 120 levels.

While many of us sleep, thousands of fans of World of Warcraft mastered in the Battle of Azeroth, got new levels opened up new areas and earn new loot.

One of the most active players became Gingi — member team Method. With the support of two comrades took him 4 hours and 17 minutes to reach the 120 level. As reported Icy Veins pumping was possible thanks to the rapid completion of quests and optimization of ways.

See the moment of achievement of 120 level:

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Monster Hunter: World banned in China

Monster Hunter: World запретили в Китае

The world press is indignant: in China dare to ban Monster Hunter: World.

South Korean media reports that this is another attempt to increase the pressure of the Communist ideology over culture, and the British Financial Times blames “bureaucratic struggle” among the local regulators.

The fact that the PC version of Monster Hunter sell in China only on the platform WeGame – the local equivalent of Steam, whose administration stated on numerous customer complaints. What kind of complaints is unclear, but the official version of the removal of such.

At the same time, this action is not in the list approved for sale in Chinese territory games, so could easily be that Tencent, which owns WeGame, put the game on sale, not after receiving approval from the local censors, which, of course, unacceptable.

It is difficult, however, to imagine that Monster Hunter can shoot on moral grounds, because there is no political motive, no sexual content, and fairly mild scenes of violence. But the Chinese, of course, know better.

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