Audience PUBG in Steam for the first time decreased

Аудитория PUBG в Steam впервые сократилась In February PvP shooter PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS for the first time faced with the outflow of the audience. Prior to this, the number of players is continuously growing in PUBG almost a year since the appearance of the game on early access Steam.

To reduce the number of players in a game company Bluehole reports rating service GitHyp that monitor attendance statistics through Steam.

In the beginning of 2018 PUBG set a record attendance, at the same time collecting 3.2 million players online. After this activity, gamers began to decline, and the peak online did not rise above 3 million

Аудитория PUBG в Steam впервые сократилась

Online gaming PUBG since the advent of the game in Steam, GitHyp

14 Feb Tokyo reporter Bloomberg Nakamura Yuji (Yuji Nakamura) tweeted that from January to February in PUBG stopped playing over half a million people. According to Nakamura, people leave the game due to the large number of cheaters.

However, in the beginning of this month Bluehole announced that in January banned for cheating more than a million players in PUBG.

Position PUBG continues to weaken its closest competitor Fortnite by Epic Games. On 8 February, the game broke the best online PUBG, at the same time collecting a 3.4 million gamers.

Unlike PUBG, Fortnite partially free and available on more platforms.


Fighting Overwatch turned out to be fake

Файтинг Overwatch оказался ненастоящим

The fans of the Overwatch were confused, because the Network began to do screenshots, something similar to a fighting game with the characters of this shooter. Later, some time began to appear and bits of gameplay. Blizzard immediately inundated with questions, like, ” really?” And finally, the project was presented.

The audience really showed their fighting game a La Mortal Kombat, but beyond that a hilarious video was a no-go: this game does not exist, although the authors venture admitted that would play in such a pleasure.

In fairness it should be noted that the clumsiness of the animation and a mean range of attacks is unlikely to suspect this game is that it is done at Blizzard, because all it was more like someone’s author’s crafts.

However, Overwatch is only one game. On the topic of this shooter out of the comic. In addition, talking about the film. Oh, and about Heroes of the Storm also should not be forgotten.

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Ellie from The Last of Us II is a dog

У Элли из The Last of Us II будет собака

Before we discuss the dog in the service of the protagonist in Far Cry 5, as it suddenly turned out that Ellie from the second part of The Last of Us will also be a dog.

Anyway, the main development, Neil Druckmann, published a photo in which he is depicted embracing in a dog, and the last was wearing a suit with sensors for the system of recognition of movements. Judging by what was chosen the “right” breed, and the fact of hugs, can with high probability to assume that it will be the dog of the main character, which adds new mechanics, and, of course, emotional scenes. Fans of Fallout 4 will not lie.

And now, after the publication of the photos, fans are discussing the death of Joel. It seems that he’s not going to happen in the sequel, and for the role of chief satellite, taken this character, which does not need to pay a salary and which does not need to voice.

The output of The Last of Us: Part II is unlikely to take place before the end of the year. The developers prefer to keep quiet on the subject, and, most of all, it should be already at least 2019.

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Shot in Flordia associated with violent video games

Расстрел во Флордие связали с жестокими видеоиграми

In the United States since the beginning of the year happened three mass shooting in schools. The last shooting students in Florida, were the most bloody and resonant. So much so that politicians began to look for blame where there is seemingly no need to look for.

In particular, the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, called a press conference, where he expressed confidence that the 17 killed in the city of Parkland is to blame not just the offender, but also video games that are “too violent and uncontrollable to which you have access.” Mr. Governor, voiced the idea of the so-called national dialogue, which will have to normalize the problem of the proliferation of violent video games. So American gamers, followed by restriction of the Internet, now you can cut and shooters.

And, meanwhile, on the Hollywood Armory fair, automatic rifle AR-15, which was quite recent, mass murder, became a major bestseller, due to black ads. But, of course, video games.

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In Cyberpunk 2077 will be stealth

В Cyberpunk 2077 будет стелс

Those who expect that Cyberpunk 2077 will be the same as the Witcher 3, waiting for either disappointment or joy, depending on the relationship to the Witcher, because the new game CD Projekt RED will obviously be different. For example, to pass the Cyberpunk will be in stealth mode that Geralt was basically unavailable.

The fact that CDPR has opened a vacancy of designer of battles, whose duties, among other things, will include “simulation scenarios, both secretive and open participation.” Also, the designer will have to “develop a memorable, exciting clashes, based on the conditions of the scenario, the environment and the gameplay.” Well, even during battles, the designer would “create different gameplay experiments, available to all playing styles”. Such is not an easy task.

Cyberpunk 2077 needs to show the end of the year. Roughly these things happen to a event at E3, but maybe before. So far, we know that Cyberpunk 2077 is based on a converted engine of the third Witcher, which before the alteration could not work normally with shooting and transport.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 can be improved dungeons

В The Elder Scrolls 6 могут быть улучшенные подземелья

Right now, while you are busy with immorality, Bethesda is working on inventing a new dungeon. In particular, one of the employees of the company, named Jeffrey, said at the forum Reddit, that right now is working on the problem of evil.

Naturally, everyone immediately started to ask: it’s not about The Elder Scrolls 6 is it? The Mr. Jeffrey did not answer, but added that in Skyrim with dungeons was in trouble. They were similar and not very interesting, and the game was planning to add tenure dungeons and their subsequent arrangement. It was assumed that the character would become the owner of the cave, clearing away monsters to equip it to your taste, or even invite yourself to live the whole tribe.

It is unclear whether in the new part of the elder Scrolls, fashionable, interesting dungeons, but the fact of conducting similar interviews with Studio staff – remarkable. Importantly, after these conversations, this same employee would not become a former employee.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the future, which, unfortunately, is not yet announced. In the very same Bethesda insist that “time Fallout”.

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New details Mavericks – clone PUBG 400 people

Новые подробности Mavericks – клона PUBG на 400 человек

Drove new details of the project, called Mavericks, which is a network shooter in the Battle Royal mode, whose main feature is the simultaneous participation of 400 people.

In the Studio Automaton Games has stated that right now working on adding some “dynamic water”, which, apparently, will be presented in the form of rivers with the current, and in these rivers can be located. We also found out that the promised 400 people is only this year, and the following number of players will increase to thousands. Buildings and other traces of civilization will be low. The place will be wild, with dense forests and mountains, and Yes – the transport has not yet confirmed.

Oh, and most importantly: the only game Automaton – network varivestis Deceit – suffered from low online. It simply did not have the players so maybe add a mode for 1000 characters and do not need.

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In the near future the Xbox One S and One X will get the support 1440p”

Even before the release of Xbox One X at the end of last year, the program Manager of the Xbox Platform Partner Group Kevin Gemmell (Kevin Gammill) reported that users with screens with a resolution of 1440p, don’t worry that a high-performance console will switch from a display mode with a resolution of 4K excess in the lack of Full HD, which would make the purchase of Xbox One X less justified.

Unfortunately, the output of the console and held without the full support of the popular 1440p screens. But the same Kevin Gammill said on Twitter to participants of the Xbox Insider Program: “the Last time we had a lot of questions regarding the time of appearance of the promised support 1440p. The participants of the early access with Xbox One Xbox One S or X will be pleasantly surprised very soon”.

В ближайшее время Xbox One S и One X получат поддержку 1440p"

Looks like Microsoft is ready to bring support WQHD permits also improved on the Xbox One S. But don’t expect that the game will run in native 1440p — it is more about the interface, movies, and filter high-quality stretching. After debugging in terms of the early access feature will be deployed to the entire fleet of both versions of the console.

Update through Xbox Insider must be deployed by February 19, if the message of the head of the Xbox Insider Program Nonsense, Rossetti (Brad Rossetti) meant something: “Xbox One Insiders — happy Monday to you all. Let’s cross our fingers in anticipation of what will bring us this week!”.


The creators of the Anthem argue about the damage model

Создатели Anthem спорят насчёт модели повреждений

At BioWare, as it turned out, the debate about the damage model in Anthem. In particular, the question of one of the gamers that will damage to affect the appearance of the exoskeleton, the representative of the Studio said that “we are now in discussion on this topic, but I think we will be able to add a few Shader”.

You might think that adding imaging of wounds was a good thing, against which it is impossible to find an argument, but apparently, the argument is, and he, perhaps, is that more visual effects is bad for frame rate with which the game may be, there are problems.

Well, even the developers said that the achievement system involving various titles, can be implemented in the game to NPC, when referring to the hero, brought him the title, the title or do you have a nickname, which he will choose himself.

Anthem should have been released in the last quarter of this year, but BioWare announced the postponement to 2019.

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TOP 10 most popular games on Steam last week – 12-18 February

TOP-10 самых популярных игр Steam прошлой недели – 12-18 февраля

And again starting Monday with regard to the most popular games on Steam, noted last week.

So, the tenth position is for a survival simulator Subnautica.

In ninth place card strategy Slay the Spire, which is already several weeks since the release, not leaving the hit parade.

The Human puzzle: Fall Flat settled in eighth place.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9, despite the huge number of technical problems, and by the way, terrible the console version, declares himself as the long-awaited game, and takes the seventh row.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in sixth place.

Sid Meier’s CivilizationVI: Rise and Fall – the fifth position.

Grand Theft Auto V, thanks to the life-giving discounts, takes the fourth line.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the form of versions with pre-orders, and postrelease, it takes two medals at our list: bronze and silver.

Well, PUBG continues to be unattainable for the competitors for even one week.

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