Card game Faeria now pay

Карточная игра Faeria теперь платная

Love to play card games? Accustomed to the fact that for a full game you need to buy “tons” of cards, infusing into the project hundreds of dollars? Card game Faeria suggested a slightly different payment model. You will all recall that until today Faeria is free, but the developers of Abrakam SA announced that introduce a new payment model is Buy to Play, that is, the game will be paid, and the cost is 465 rubles.

It would seem, to what such a move? Because many of the projects, on the contrary, try to switch to Free to Play, as have problems with the number of players. Here the situation is quite different. To equalize the chances of users was introduced this payment model. After buying the game new players will receive a full set of basic cards, which usually would have to spend approximately 100 hours of farming.

In the end, the picture is the following: those who have previously launched Faeria will continue to farm cards. New players will pay once the full price and get a set of basic cards.

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Known official release date of the game Overwatch

Известна дата официального релиза хомяка в Overwatch

Blizzard in their twitter account has announced the exact release date of a new hero – a hamster named Taran. Recall that at the moment a new character is available only on test servers.

The official release will take place on July 24. But even in this case, most likely, a few weeks of the hero cannot be used in competitive matches. Who do not know, a new character has unique combat characteristics. It can switch between globe and fur, and also uses a special shield that allows him to block most of the blows.

For quick moving and jumping uses a hook-cat, which can further cause damage. Another interesting feature of RAM – the possibility of mining the area around him.
I hope that the release of a new character on the official server will be successful and we can all try out the RAM and see for yourself how cool he is.

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Crysis will be removed from multiplayer

Из Crysis уберут мультиплеер

Recently, developers from Crytek said in Facebook that the multiplayer of Crysis will be removed and close the access to the servers. Despite the fact that don’t mention a specific series of games, rather, it is Crysis 3, because of the previous parts already cut in 2014.

The third part came out in 2013 and at that time had been one of the best games with quality graphics. As reported by the developers, the multiplayer will be deactivated on 11 October this year. The main reason is the simple lack of players to support servers. But this will not prevent users to continue to play in single player mode, so much experience is not necessary.

In fact, such steps for the game studios are not easy, however, you have to sacrifice something in order to reduce costs and focus on more important tasks and goals. Perhaps this decision will allow Crytek to release a project that will once again overshadow the majority of games their mechanics and graphic quality.

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New discounts in GTA 5 Online

Новые скидки в GTA 5 Online

Once again happy players Rockstar discounts GTA 5 Online. If you wanted to buy a nightclub or exclusive cars, now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Until July 23, a discount of 50% for offices and clubhouse, bunkers and hangars, bases and yachts, as well as all modifications to them. In addition, you can buy luxury transportation to Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas at a discount of 30%. All modifications to the car will also be sold at reduced prices.

But that’s not all. All players who came from 25 June to 2 July, this week will be given exclusive transport: polygonal body and 100 000 dollars just. If you do not have enough money to buy a property, transport or acquire new businesses, you can earn extra money on the industries in which you work. For example, income from biker events increased by 25%. Thus, the costs for the purchase of raw materials reduced by 25%. A great opportunity to save, earn and buy all the things that you could not afford before.

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The free games use to launder “dirty” money

Бесплатные игры используют для отмывки «грязных» денег

The German company Kromtech, specializing in the study of the market of IT-technologies, has published an interesting report on this unexpected issue of money laundering through shareware games.

In particular, the report says that cyber-criminals took a fancy to games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Marvel Contest. They spend stolen from Bank accounts of their victims money buying the premium currency, which is then resold through popular services losing a little, but burying the truth. According to the researchers, these processes are often automated, and delivered to the stream due to the lack of any opposition from the owners of the aforementioned games.

The report says about 20 thousand operations in laundering of criminal money in the last few months. And how with it to struggle – not absolutely clearly. Moreover, the report does not say directly, but we can assume that the game developers who have chosen cyber-criminals, also a lot of earn then that’s a tacit cooperation.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 will be released in the next 2 years

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 выйдет в ближайшие 2 года

Interesting news coming from the Dutch Studio Guerrilla Games has hinted that Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 will be released in the next two years.

Specifically, the following was stated: “We are pleased that refused Killzone in favor of the Horizon, and now our task is to release new products every year, two or maximum three.” Well, a year has passed. In the end the developers are left a maximum of two.

And, it seems, is not empty words. The fact that the Studio whether bought whether rented five floors in the centre of Amsterdam, where previously there was the edition of De Telegraaf, and the state of the Studio, which has Studio and something called indecent, will increase from 250 to 400 people. According to CEO, po Germen Hallst, the extra space they need for preparation of sound and working with motion capture technology.

Whether it’s the second part of the Horizon: Zero Dawn? Precise information on this point, as, indeed, there are no obstacles in order to build on the success of one of the best games of last year.

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The God game will be released in August

Симулятор Бога выйдет в августе

At the end of summer appears on Steam game called the Universim, is a kind of simulator of God, in the disposal of which hit the planet, similar to ours, which he will be controlled, creating one from scratch.

Will all this 28 th August, but in early access, where they will stay, if you believe the developers, a year and a half. They promise a unique experience of observation of how your actions shape the organic world, which will be promoted through a dynamic system of research and steady process of evolution. To all this is added the forces of nature, weather system, system viruses, and the possibility of collision with extraterrestrial civilizations. And if you mess with one planet you get bored, you can always go into space, where to begin creating a new world from scratch.

A bit like Black and White, but with a more global approach. If the old strategy needed to play the role of God, interacting with her, so to speak, by the fans, then little things like no time.

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Appeared the first review of Days Gone

Появилась первая рецензия на Days Gone

Publication Kotaku has published the first review of the action Days Gone, even without grades, but with a very detailed description of gameplay and experiences derived from it.

In short, the game was called very scary. Scary, I mean scary. Almost horror. In any case, the reviewer noted that a more terrible conflict with the zombies him to survive was not possible. Except that The Evil Within 2 could compete with this game.

Zombies almost always attack suddenly, and, as a rule, huge crowds, what makes the battle with them in a dynamic and fast puzzle to solve on the fly. In order not to attract attention, the player had to move stealthily, short dashes from one Bush to another. But this is greatly complicated by the fact that other survivors also used a similar method of movement.

In General, it’s scary, with stealth and tactical battles, but in General the game has made not a great impression on the journalist who said that the gameplay was too mediocre and monotonous.

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Michael Pakter: new Xbox will be released before PS 5

Майкл Пактер: новая Xbox выйдет раньше PS 5

Our favorite financial gaming analyst Michael Pakter, spoke about the future of Xbox.

In particular, he expressed confidence that the new generation Xbox will be released before the PlayStation 5. Microsoft, according to him, is targeting 2020-th year, but if there will see that Sony are in a hurry, you can force the issue, and releasing their console early competitor.

It seems that the opportunity to be the first overlaps with the desire to be second order, first, to study the competitor’s offer and then kill it by making its product more competitive. But this is not the main problem. According to Mr. Pakter, Microsoft will be struggling to hide the approach of the coming announcement of the new generation, not to give owners of the current generation ahead of time to feel, so to say, inferiority. Warehouses worldwide has accumulated hundreds of thousands of Xbox One different versions, and their, at any cost, want to sell, before you start producing hypothetical Xbox Two.

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Microsoft will bring on Gamescom new games and new hardware for Xbox One

Microsoft привезёт на Gamescom новые игры и новое оборудование для Xbox One

From the 21st to 25th of August in Cologne will take place ignoarance Gamescom is the second largest after the E3 event in the world of gaming, where you can show European developers who can’t get to Los Angeles. It at Gamescom often have really something interesting that you might not notice in the bright light of AAA games from E3.

However, not only indie games one. The exhibition is going great and terrible Microsoft, which is lucky, some new equipment and accessories for the Xbox. Along with these people will play in future games melkomyagkie, and may tell us something about the new Xbox Two, which, as was stated officially, developed together with the Japanese. In particular, it will be shown 4 Forza Horizon, Ori and Will of the Wisps, Supplement to State of Decay 2 with the new regime, and a completely new version PUBG.

So Microsoft don’t want to lose, not only Japanese, but also European markets, while the same Ubisoft announces that the PC-games in the beginning of this year, sold better than Xbox games.

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